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Why Have I Not Had A Paranormal Experience That I Could Believe Was Paranormal?

My simple question is that I have never had a “true” paranormal experience and I wonder why not? What I mean by true is that beyond a shadow of a doubt the experience I had would be for sure labeled as paranormal / other worldly. But this has never happened and I know a number of people who DO have these experiences, and most of them are not afraid.

My Father passed away 14 months ago – the night he died taking my Mother home she saw a flash and a trail of light low in the sky zip past her, very close as if it was meant for her only to see – I didn’t see it, but she says it was Dad. I believe her.

So naturally I wanted him to say goodbye to me, to have his existential existence rain on me for a few moments, so I could know and feel what Mom saw. This has not happened. I’ve even invited Dad into my dreams for a visit, but that never happens either.

Why have I never had a paranormal experience? My only thought is that if I had one, I may freak out and it would not be a good experience. Maybe God knows that.

Anyway, this question has nagged at me.

Do you have anything I can grab on to on this one?

Asked by Richard

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Hi Richard,

Basically .. we stop ourselves. We put up a big wall around us marked ‘do not cross because I will be frightened’ .. of course your father would not cross because he doesn’t want to frighten you .. but have you ‘never’ had a good dream about him in the last 14 months? I am not talking about one where he turns up, says ‘I am dead and just fine’ .. or ‘I am dead and cranky’ .. but maybe wake up from a dream full of a memory of some happy event you both shared? As to the rest of the paranormal world .. in some cases I’d say be thankful. Otherwiswe, go visit a haunted house. I don’t know where you live, but in Australia you can do ‘tours’, or sleepovers.

If you go to them ‘knowing’ nothing will happen, its more than likely nothing will .. if you go with on open mind .. you might see or experience many things. Remember the wall around you .. drop a brick or two out of it .. but DON’T challenge entities to prove their existence to you .. because its usually the negative ones who will answer .. and then you’ll be writing to me for help because you are being constantly haunted, and that is no fun at all.

Love & Peace

Hello Richard,
Ama, above me, has made some valid points about being psychicly blocked. The other reasons may be social and cultural conditioning and our own personal beliefs. Richard, my take is that you are missing your Dad and that the true “paranormal” experience you wish to encounter is him appearing to you or giving you some sort of sign. You mention worrying that he may frighten you if he appears and that would be a valid reason for him “not’ to appear to you. He can appear to you in a dream, but as Ama stated it may not be the cut and dry message you are expecting. You see you know he’s okay; your mother has told you. Often times spirits will appear to those who are more open to them. You, for whatever reason(fear being the stated reason) are closed off to an encounter with him. Over time, however, you can continue to invite your Dad to visit you in your dreams by thinking of him every night before bed for three nights. Think of something you’d like to ask him and after the third night see if you do not remember a dream with him in it or even if you don’t remember the dream, during the day, the answer to your question may be abundantly clear. You see, to the spirit world we are all like radios; some of us pick up spirit clear as day, just as a short wave radio would pick up a station in Europe or Japan or another country and others are like your average pocket radio, only picking up your local station. Your father may have wanted to “say goodbye” to both of you, but your mother was just more naturally receptive. I am sure your Dad has tried to communicate with you in many other various ways that you are just not aware of. Have things been misplaced or moved? Have you had experiences where you “think’ you see him? You might want to try sitting in a quiet room each day and just clearing you mind of all thoughts and clutter. When your mind is clear, think of a question for him. The first thing to pop into your mind is the answer. It’s worth a shot. I don’t think you are wishing so much for a “paranormal” experience as much as you are wanting closure and communication from your Dad. Best of luck and keep me posted on what happens! LunaTerra

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