Dreams and Sleep

Why Do We Share Dreams?

Has anyone else experienced this kind of thing, no matter what the subject matter?

OK! This is what happened last night whilst Martin & I slept:


We were sitting in the cafe to the side of the gym, eating lunch with another one of the regular gym members. (We don’t actually know this man’s name, but he is Muslim and we refer to him as “Strong Aura” because, his energy kicks ass. He’s a Michael, for those of you who know what that means!)

OK! S.A. wanted to have lunch with us, because he was leaving and he wanted to make sure to say goodbye. Martin had bought him a ‘farewell’ card with a lion’s head on it with “Lion’s Heart” written on the front, as well as two books. The first book explained about the lion’s heart whilst the second was about the place where S.A. was moving to. Martin had folded over pages of interest in both books for S.A. to read.

Martin then made a point of saying the the Lions Heart was him and pointed him at some pages of interest in the first book to explain what he meant.

As we finished lunch and some other folk started to join us (I assume the same as in Martin’s dream below), S.A. opened the second book up at a marked page to reveal an aerial shot of the place he was going, stating “That is where I am going because that is where my Father is.” Although the picture was of a road layout, it actually looked more like the remains of a temple’s foundations.

I then gave S.A. a hug, told him he would be missed and to keep himself safe.

I then woke up and felt great grief consume me at the thought of his leaving. Weird really because, S.A. actually always puts me on edge, in the real world. He has got an extremely strong aura about him and feels quite intimidating (although he’s actually a nice chap and always helps Martin out)! Even his jacket left lying around unattended gives off the same energy – I always know it’s his, even before I actually know it’s his, if you know what I mean.


Martin was in the same gym as my dream, working out with S.A. Suddenly all those that he had known but had died came into the gym and stood around him. They then beckoned for him to go with them. But he didn’t want to go, so stubbornly refused.

Martin then woke up in a cold sweat, at the same time as I woke up, consumed with grief.

Cool, eh? So then, does anyone else share dreams?

Oh! Yeah! And if anyone fancies interpreting that one… Siddle?

Asked by A J Ryder

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Wow….just wow.
And yes, I have had co-dreaming events. I’ve mentioned my friend, Shawn, on here before.
Kind of a long story, but the short version: He went to one of my houses in the city I go to in every dream a while back. Thus starting my adventure into co-dreaming.

I honestly thought he was messing with me, until I went to his house (IRL) and he showed me sketches (he’s an artist/drafter) of the bridge in the middle of dream-town, as well as rooms of the Central Building (that’s in the dead-center of the dream city).

Shawn has the ability to AP, so with his abilities in dreams improving, he was able to ask (in dream) for some of the places I go. Well, he found me…multiple times.

Cut to 2 years later….and I can’t begin to explain all of the co-dreaming we’ve done. I’ve even shared places with my wife now. I woke one day and told her about a very interesting pub I went to in the city, where the menus looked like road-maps. She bolted upright and exclaimed that it was one of the few places that are recurrent in her dreams. Every detail…down to the type of wood used in the old rustic looking tables.

It’s a bit of a portal, it seems. Once opened, you tend to co-dream (aka achieve Hyper Lucidity) easier.

Let’s be honest, A.J. You know my take on this. 🙂
It’s not only possible…it’s another form of communication (IMHO).
Heck, it may even be a native one.

Try to meditate on the dream and the dream characters. See if you can become aware you are dreaming when you next see SA (and/or the gym….or Martin) in slumber.
You might even try falling asleep while thinking of the gym and tell Martin to do the same.
I find it difficult to “will yourself”….so it’s a practice in patience sometimes.

As for interpretation: I don’t often do this with much success. That’s why most of my posts sound like I’m stabbing in the dark. Because I can’t possibly know the true impact SA has on either you or Martin in the real world….even harder in dreams retold in waking reality.

But I do plan on re-reading a couple more times (Awesome post!!!!)….I promise to let you know if anything jumps out.

Thanks A.J.!!!!!
You know I love the dream posts! 🙂


Thank you Siddle for your kind comments. I thought you’d enjoy the subject matter. LOL!

I have had (literally) the odd dream where I’ve known I’m dreaming, most dreams (like the OP example) I am unaware I am in dream state.

Funny you should mention the ‘portal’ theory. Mart and I have shared quite a few dreams of late, but this particular one resulted in the most emotional responses from the pair of us.


Okay AJ,
I am going to be quick and to the point on this one. First, I must ask, “how much figuring out have you done on your own?” or Martin for that matter? When I read you question here I received two messages from Spirit; Death and Soul Family. how that correlates, I think, is for you to figure out. Now, as someone who reads Tarot, you know that “death” doesn’t just mean the physical passing of another but can also mean great change or transition. Has SA told you that he has been ill? There are things here for you to figure out, also, I do not believe that it is possible that the “three” of you were not dreaming at all, but having an astral meeting, of sorts.

Lion Heart or to be lion hearted means to be fearless or brave. Also, in my experience, dreams are meant to be interpreted by the dreamer, for the messages in there are for you and meant for you and not another. I also did pick up on SA’s energy just from your writing and that he actually holds more significance for you and Martin than you both realize at this time. (hence Soul Family!)Siddle has also given you good advice on how to better decipher these dreams and I always love reading his answers!!! Other than what I have given you, I am not picking up anything else. I am not good at interpreting others dreams, but I know that there are several books about dream interpretation out there!! I hope my “message” was able to shed some light for you!! LunaTerra

Sorry AJ,
Maybe to better clarify, for me it was sort of like pulling the “Death” card and the “Soulmate” card from a Tarot deck, if that helps you better! LunaTerra!

Hi luna, you little mink! How close to unvalleling the mystery,are you? LOL!

OK! I’ve not been entirely honest – I know much more about the ‘background’ of this dream than I’ve let on – and most of it has come via other dreams. What I will say is, you have confirmed my own thoughts, analysis and meaning behind this dream.

‘Lion Heart’ – I depict that as meaning ‘crusades’. (As in Richard the Lion Heart).

‘Father’ – I depict as being, Allah.

S.A. has always acted distant from his Muslim brotherin. In fact, we saw him this Saturday just gone. I always know when he’s there, from the point we park up in the car park. I can feel his presence from a mile off – lol! This day was no different but, I did not actually see him. It was only upon leaving the gym that Martin spotted him in one of the side rooms and went to chat with him. I really did not want to go, but felt I ought to join Martin, so hovered about in the doorway.

I feel a great deal of ‘maternal’ worried for S.A.

You said “I also did pick up on SA’s energy just from your writing and that he actually holds more significance for you and Martin than you both realize at this time.”

You’re not wrong there!


WOW!! AJ!!
Okay! After I answered you earlier, I had another realization and you just confirmed part of it! The reference of the road and the remains of a temple. Here are my interpretations; He shows you a road he “must” travel(to where his Father or Allah is), keyword being “must.” You “see” remnants of a temple. You also just stated to me that SA has strayed away from his Muslim beliefs or ways-(remnants of his faith). The road he showed you is the path of the Muslim that he is required by his brethren to follow, the temple represents religion or his religious beliefs and since he has strayed away, remnants is quite suiting since most of his faith is gone but a small bit remains. Your grief and Martin’s state of absolute fear, perhaps you are both fearful and sad that he is turning away from God?
Nothing else is coming from that, but it will be interesting to see how the rest of this unfolds!! LunaTerra

Hi Luna

He’s a typical confused ‘baby’ psychic – lol!

OK! I must stop thinking about him because I had another dream about S.A. last night. We were staying somewhere (hotel?)and there was some kind of course or lecture going on. It lasted a week but, by the end of the term we’d both ended up accusing each other of stalking each other – hahaha! (I wonder if he actually dreams the same thing too??? Hmmmm! Not sure I dare ask the next time I see him, ‘cos he is a bit scary – haha! That said I’m half expecting him to approach me or Martin with questions that he needs answering.)

But, back to the dream, he did give me some documents (either a covenant or accounts?) for safe keeping with the ‘new address’ on, just after the ‘stalking accusations’. I feel it’s north from where we were – Birmingham, maybe?? But my Arabic is not very good – albeit, better in dream state than in an awakened state. Tee! Hee!

I totally agree with you about travel – he is starting a new journey. I just hope it’s the right direction because he is one very powerful being so, used unwisely or incorrectly, he has the potention to do an awful lot of harm.

Watch this space – haha!


He! He! You’re funny!! LOL!!
I figured that one out for myself!! LOL!! Let me just ask, “Has SA just “newly” become aware of his gifts or is he just now starting to listen to the sense that something is amiss in his given religion? I thought about this a bit more, and I do believe your feelings of “grief” were described in the dream specifically about his leaving or “following his Muslim path.” The reason being is, that it is not the path chosen for him before he was born and you intuitively know this, and it would be a great sadness if he didn’t fulfill what was truly set out for him. You see, I am going to go back to illness here for discussion sake; if I am not mistaken, Muslims believe that Allah has already predetermined your life and that you must not interfere in His plans. Therefore, if you are terminally ill, for example, but could prolong life or go into remission with treatment, you are not allowed to do so because you are interfering with Allah’s wishes. So, it is possible that he is grappling with what he was “told” about God/Allah and what he instinctively knows. He has a big decision to make and it could go against his Muslim beliefs or against the path laid out for him before he was born depending on which way he goes. You have maternal worry for him; possibly because you were his mother in another life, or because you are an “older soul” and have realized your path and are now very worried that that he will not.(at least in this lifetime.) You sense, somehow, that there is something extremely important for him to do or fulfill in this life, do you not? This “great power” is for a reason.

I once encountered someone with an aura such as SA’s; I was at a Wiccan circle during Samain.(back when I practiced.) We were in quite a big circle and I spotted her from all the way at the other end of the circle! She was a blonde woman, but how she looked didn’t take me aback, her power or aura did!!! So, I know EXACTLY what you are talking about here!

My advice to you is this, give him a bit of space(in dreams at least, if you can! LOL!) This is a path laid out for him. There is a reason you are being connected to him, but you must also allow him his free will. He has to choose his path, in the end. Perhaps you were given to him to “guide” him in a way. I also get the sense that you and Martin are not the only ones to share a “soul family” with SA, but Benjamin as well! I can’t tell you much more, I feel you need to figure out the rest. Best of Luck and I feel that you have a fascinating journey ahead!! LunaTerra

by the way, I do not think you are trying to interfere with SA’s free will; I think that you just have a great deal of worry for him, much as a mother does, but even a mother must learn when to stand back and let the child learn for his or herself! Thought I would throw that one in. (He gave you a hint with the “stalker” comment!! LOL!!)

I totally missed the part where you said “watch this space!!” If there is anything further, we can continue in private!

Hi Luna

That is one hell of a response!! Much applause to you, Luna!

Regards the ‘stalker’ accusations, we both accused each other – lol! He seeks me out because he has questions and/or needs reasurance, thus just pops into my dreams.

This happened a few nights back, before the ‘hotel’ dream. There was I, having a lovely dream about my mum (we were at our family home where I grew up) then, all of a sudde,n SA pops up and asked me if I thought Allah had made a fundamental error of judgement by creating the world, because those that reside here are not godly at all. In fact, most turn against God/Allah. So, is God as imperfect and susceptable to making mistakes as the rest of us?

My response was quite swift, with a residing “No, God never does anything without a reason. He is perfect. Now b*gger off, I’m talking to my mum!” LOL! A bit harsh, but hey! I don’t often get quality time with my mummykins.

And then, of course, I seek him out because I am concerned. So you see, we’re as bad as each other – haha!

Shame this isn’t happening in the awakened world because then we might actually get to the bottom of what’s really going on in his head – ie he is fighting against his psychic nature. But then, thinking about it, I might be going to him as a way of inviting him to talk to me in the real world, anyway?? Who knows.

You said “I also get the sense that you and Martin are not the only ones to share a “soul family” with SA, but Benjamin as well!”

S.A., I have been reliably informed, was Muppim, which means ‘Double Mouth'(snigger!). Benj was never much good at naming his kids – hahaha! (now looking nervously over shoulder…. lol!)

Happy to keep you up-to-date if anything else comes to light, particulary if communication actually happens whilst I’m awake – haha!


hotel room…..lecture?
Was there a ball room, A.J.? Remember any details about the room layout? Or where the rooms were located in the building?

Top of the central building in my city is a hotel (err….really just looks/acts like a hotel). Right above the floor of schools/classrooms…which is a few floors above the intrance which is shops, computer labs and also has some classrooms which is above the hospital in the basement (See why I like the term “central building”? It’s easier then saying “That place where you can shop, heal, learn and live”).

yes, I’m trying to see if this is the same place.
I spend a lot of time in the expansive ballrooms either teaching or taking classes.

But also: A.J., you remember on the old forum, I talked about my wife and I meeting our alleged unborn daughter in a dream? It happened at the Eastern part of the city (near one of my apartments). Overlooks the ocean (only coastline section without mountains). Straight north of that is a series of plazas and big parking lots.
Well, I have a buddy at work who asked me about it (we just started talking about lucid dreams after we both commented on how much the movie “Inception” bothered us). Wanted to know if I had ever been there….because he was talking to me in the dream. We both described the area until we were sure we had full validation.

So that’s another account of co-dreaming. What’s going on? I mentioned the portal concept….but it’s happening easier for a lot of folks, it seems.


Hi Siddle

So, you were the lecturer?? And I didn’t even come up to say “hi yu, Sid”?? LOL! Obviously way too busy running away from SA all night – hahaha!

Seriously, the place where the lecture took place was more like a hotel lounge, than a ballroom. There were lots of leather, wing-backed seats – burgundy in colour mostly, but the odd green leather seat was mingled amongst the others. They were scattered around the room but mostly faced towards the corner of the room, just left of a large window. The room itself was situated to the rear of the hotel. There was a dark, patterned carpet in the lounge area.

The stairs (lovely Edwardian wooden bannister affair with swirls etc – albeit painted white) and lift were situated in the main reception area, just in front of the arch that lead to the lounge. There was also another door the other end of the same wall that divided the staircase from the lounge, (effectively under the landing above), that lead off to somewhere else – presumably some of the bedrooms. So, you could walk in a big circle, from the main reception, though the lounge and then out through the other door and back to reception again.

The hotel itself seemed small – a family run hotel, rather than a hotel owned by a large chain. It was all very informal. The bedrooms themselves were pretty basic. There was a bed, a bedside cabinate and single wardrobe. The colour scheme in the bedrooms were white and brown, and were a bit shabby looking. Very drab! I was actually in my hotel bedroom, writing down some final notes after the week of lectures, when SA knocked on the door. He had brought me a coffee as a peace offering after accusing me of stalking, then gave me those documents I mentioned for safe keeping, before saying his goodbye’s and left the hotel.

I’m not sure this is the same place as your large hotel but, it might be somewhere else in your ‘central building’?? Does any of my descriptions sound familiar?

Siddle: “So that’s another account of co-dreaming. What’s going on? I mentioned the portal concept….but it’s happening easier for a lot of folks, it seems.”

Interesting, isn’t it? Or maybe, we’re just talking about it more???? It’s a bit ‘chicken and egg’ when it comes to subjects such as these. We’re all still nervous about discussing subjects on the paranormal and supernatural because it’s been instilled in us that only ‘nutters’ see ghosts, believe in astral travel or have fairies at the bottom of the garden. And who wants to be ridiculed? Us psychic lot are a bunch of ove-sensitive souls, yu know – lol!

I rather enjoyed the film “Inception” when I saw it a few years ago. Mind you, I enjoyed watching ‘The Exorcist’ too – shame about the pea-soup scenes though, they spoiled an otherwise pretty close to the knuckle take on possession. I know, I’m just wierd!!


Siddle: It happened at the Eastern part of the city (near one of my apartments). Overlooks the ocean (only coastline section without mountains). Straight north of that is a series of plazas and big parking lots.

Pssst! Siddle. Did you know that, on a clear day, you can see the Dead Sea (to the East) from Jerusalem?

The only way to get to the Dead Sea is through the Northern exit of the city.

The Dead Sea is a curious place. Thanks to the lowering of the sea level, it is reported that the remains of SODOM & GOMORRAH have been discovered beneith the dead sea.

Israel’s a fascinating part of the world.


Just thought I’d throw that in…tee!hee!

Hi Siddle

Just a quick update:
I was discussing these dreams with a friend of mine on Tuesday evening. When I got to the one about the week long lecture and S.A handing me important documents at the end of the week, my friend went rather pale. When I asked what was wrong he said about a week earlier (which brings it in line with my dream) he drempt he was sitting in the foyer of a hotel wearing his work suit, after attending a lecture. As he sat there a Muslim man (dressed in traditional clothes) came up to him and handed him a document file full of papers, then walked off – all without saying a word. My friend woke up before he got to look at the documents enclosed, but he had a gut feeling they were very important.

I wonder what is so important about S.A.?


You really need to find out what his real name is, there, missy!!! LOL!!! His importance is obviously, a spiritual one and it seems as if his connection is “extending” to other people whom you know! The plot thickens!

Easier said than done, Ama – you’ve not met him! LOL!

I’m more intrigued as to what information is inside those documents, actually. And what was the lecture all about?


And that comment from the lady who walked into a haunted house and took care of a demon? Come on now, he’s not ‘that’ scary. He might be a real sweetie at heart. 🙂 And he might have answers to your questions …

Love & Peace