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Why Do I See My Future?

There is something really mysterious going on with my dreams. About 4-5 years ago I started dreaming small pictures that lasted for about a second and they show stuff or actions (example: i spilled popcorn on red seats and a month later it happened). All of these types of dreams happen in my life a month or two later, the same way. Once I even said something before others because I knew and I was expecting it.

Lets’ say that this is okay with me and that it doesn’t surprise me anymore. About a few months ago I fainted in public and I saw about like a minute of what seems my future. The prediction happened a week later. After that faint, my “future predictions” are turning bigger and bigger, longer and more intense. It is freaking me out so much I refuse to sleep.

The last time I slept normally with a dream that appeared real like this was when I got physically attacked and my vision started to change to tv static. I got attacked by a really tall pale man and when I woke up my head was hurting and I was soaked in sweat.

I have no conditions and my family has no abilities like this. What is going on with me?

Asked by Helena

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Hi Helena,
You have been targeted by entity( it is not a spirit or ghost)it is most intelligent and patient one.In your dream you will start seen places you were never been and after while you will visit these places in real life, you will be shown many future related events and even some other peoples future events as well.Some times later your dreams will stop and you will start seen things in your head, knowing things before happens, siren voices in your ears and strange images in your vision, all these things happens because entity has chosen you to go through this stages, when the right time comes then it is all up to your faith to win or loose.
Why this is happens? Because you have extraordinary sensetive spirit, attracts and becomes target for this low dimentional enrgy sourses.
You must have regular praying hours every day and develop your spirituality. I went through all these stages and now I know how to talk to them and see their dimention.

Hi Helena,

I am clairvoyant. That means I see the future, the now in other places, and the past. I am also a spirit rescuer, and a demonologist, which means that sometimes ghosts come to visit and share their deaths, or whatever caused them to become trapped, with me, as if I was living the experience. And then there are the other entities, that do not love humanity, that occasionally turn up looking for trouble – so I have had some strange experiences in my life, including battles in my sleep, and quiet walks in heaven when I help lost souls return Home.

I am not doubting your experiences, but having had so many of my own, I have questions …

When did the dream attack happen? You wrote that it was the last time you slept normally. Was it during a very stressful part of your life? Do you take any medication that might induce this sort of dreaming?

Do you know what lucid dreaming is .. if not, look it up on the net, there’s plenty of information.

How often do you dream the future and do you keep a diary and write down everything you can remember from the dreams (sights, sounds, smells, dates, time of day, people in it etc), so that you can check back on the accuracy of what you are seeing? It is good to do this for ourselves, because sometimes our minds can take what we dream and ‘apply’ it to an experience, with slight adaptions to make it fit. Remember to date all the entries.

Precognitive dreams are not usual in people who have chosen to experience the psychic gift called ‘clairvoyance’ (it means clear vision). The majority of people with this gift are not attacked by anything. Far more people without gifts have problems with nasty ghosts and other entities.

What did the entity actually do to you in the dream when you were attacked? Waking up with a headache might mean you lost a lot of energy, but it could also mean you were so tense in your dream that your shoulder muscles spasmed and you gave yourself the headache. Given I live with that problem all the time, it has nothing to do with ghosts, but can come from nightmares, as can waking up sweating.

Do you like watching horror movies? The images in our dreams can come from there, or even the news on TV. The human mind is very good at creating scenarios, that we dream when it is trying to teach us something, or work through a problem. The imagery can be very odd at times, because of what we have in our minds, but the lessons can be found without much difficulty.

And then there is astral travelling – which the human spirit does quite naturally, and usually unconsciously, while the body rests. There are entity on the spirit planes that do not like humans, and we might encounter them in our wandering, so it is wise, as you are sensitive, to do something for your own safety .. so I recommend you scroll to the bottom of this webpage, click on the link to white light shields, and learn both the personal one and the house one, and use them. That should stop anything nasty coming to visit, or trying to attach itself to you .. and if you want to clear your energy, just in case, the Michael Invocation link is there too.

Is there anything else paranormal happening to you at present? If an entity was around you might be noticing other events?

Love & Peace

The dream attack happened a few months back. I was having a normal sleep when I started dreaming that I was in my bed and there were people sleeping around me too. A person from the crowd whom was awake too said “He’s coming, sleep.” I was getting really scared because I didn’t know what to expect. I knew I was dreaming and it must have been one of those nightmares but this one seemed too real. I pretended to sleep like the person said so, but my sight got darker and I saw a human silhouette behind me and all of a sudden I started to feel weird, sort of like goosebumps and weird tingly feeling all over my body and then all went static. Then I woke up, completely terrified and frozen out of fear. I had a fever and after that insomnia for a couple of days, then some medication finally made me sleep.

I stopped with all treatments and medication for my anxiety problems about a year ago. I was on nothing, no medication, alcohol or anything. All of the stressful parts of my life stopped after anxiety. I felt, maybe it was pressure but…my life was stable at that point.

I honestly do not think I have a gift and yes, I have kept a dream journal for some time. I know it cannot just be random happenings that were similar to the ones in my dreams because I knew exactly what my friend would say and what I would reply. So far, my sleep is getting somewhere normal again but I have these weird feelings before I go to bed, almost like I’m being watched. I’m not positive about if a spirit is trying to contact me but it isn’t doing any good.

Hello again,

You do have a gift. You are clairvoyant and have precognitive dreams (precognitive means ‘knowing something before it happens’ in whatever form you manifest it).

The tingles and chills are definitely a sign of an entity visiting, but not necessarily doing you any harm. It’s unpleasant when they walk through us, and steal energy in the process, but its not permanently harmful. It might have frightened you intentionally, because it flavours your energy .. like putting sauce on sausages. Because you were sleeping, and dreaming vividly, it could have used that to make you more fearful, or you could have been with a group of astral travellers, or caught up in someone else’s memories .. another dead person perhaps, and saw what they saw or felt. Some of my worst nightmares have been reliving other people’s experiences .. until I learned to recognise when it ‘wasn’t’ me dreaming, but someone sharing their memories, that bound them as ghosts.

Throwing yourself from sleep would leave you paralysed, but only for a moment. When did the fever start? Because, if you woke up that way, you might have been having a fever dream .. dreams can get very strange when our temperatures are far too high. This is a medical fact.

As I suggested before, use the Michael Invocation to clear your energy, and then your home, and learn the white light shields and use them too (links at the bottom of the page). They will help. You are psychic, you have a gift that has left you vulnerable to outside entities .. but it only takes a moment to protect yourself, so make a habit of it, and things should settle down. And keep keeping the diary .. its fascinating to go back and read all the stuff we learn, and then forget. You might find a lot of things you are learning about yourself within the words.

Love & Peace

You’re not alone with your future dreams/visions. I have been seeing the future as well since I was a kid. Please get your sleep. What you have is a gift and although it may sometimes feel like a pointless gift, you may learn something about yourself with it. Many people get dreams or visions of the future and they get that feeling in their tummy that many call “dejavu”. You didn’t say if you experience dejavu but I get that each time my visions come true and to be honest it’s nonstop for me. I think it’s called “precognition” what you have and I started out like you and it grew and grew on me. It made me feel like I was some sort of time traveller. I can’t tell you of a way to make it stop, I’ve tried and failed at that, but I just want to let you know you’re not alone. It may feel, over time, that you don’t have free will because you see your life before it happens but maybe that’s how you planned your life before you were born. Maybe the dreams mean you are right on track. I hope you get better sleep <3 keep a dream diary! You might get pretty good at seeing the future abs you could make predictions for yourself

Sorry, I forgot to say, it may be precognition or clairvoyance. I’m not too sure on the terms but you may be able to see the past as well. You can experiment with trying to see your future and past if you’d like, you might surprise yourself.

The same thing happens to me in the way i see the future days months or even years before it happens. And although scary theres nothing to worry about in that aspect. Its a natural thing thats stronger or weaker in different people. And believe me, there is a LOT of people out there that can see the future (most commonly in dreams). You on the other hand appear to be stronger then the common folk as minute long dreams are hard to come by. The best you can do is let it happen naturally and not be afraid of it. As for the big tall pail guy? I’m not goi to start shoving religion down your throat and tell you to prey when you might not even be religious. But that might have been a spirit (names no not matter as everyone has their own name for these things anyway). And slender man joke aside, if he appeared dangerous to you or threatening in anyway then id get some help. But by the sounds of it he just wanted to stop you from seeing something he believed you shouldn’t see. In which case he’s more or less harmless.

And one last thing you cant see into the past (meaning farther then your own) with out someone (spirit, ghost whatever) showing you theirs.

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