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Why Do I Keep Seeing The Number 48?

I was wondering why I kept on seeing number 48 all the time. I kept on seeing that number ever since I moved in a house that is number 48 and the door says 48. I think I moved in that house since 2008 or 2009. It’s 2013 and I’m still seeing number 48 everywhere literally.

I moved in a different house since I think 2011 and the door number is 26, but in still seeing 48. When I had summer fair in school July 2013, I joined an activity called How many sweets in a jar, I put 480, then suddenly I won! The actual number was 472 sweets in the jar, I was the closest. I was shocked when my teacher told me I won.

So does number 48 bad luck or good luck? And when I press my circle button on my iPhone4, it comes like: 1:48, 2:48, 3:48, 4:48, 5:48, 6:48, 7:48, 8:48, 9:48, 10:48, 11:48 and 12:48.

Sometimes I see the other way around which is number 84, but I still mostly 48 than 84. What does 48/84 really mean? Please answer my question, I really need to know. Thanks for reading this message!

Asked by Laika O.

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Hello Laika,

What does the number 48 mean to you? I can’t see anything in what you have described that says it means something bad. Winning the competition is a good thing, I would think. And you chose to put ‘480’ it wasn’t a number given to you by the person supervising the competition .. in other words, you made your own ‘win’ there.

As to what 48 means .. I don’t have any numerology books that specify a meaning, but I believe Doreen Virtue wrote one, many year ago, which might give you the answer? You could do an author search for her on and see if you could find it.

In the meantime, our minds like patterns in which to ‘live’. Some patterns include an awareness of certain numbers, even to the point of ‘looking’ for them at certain times of day. That happens with people who look for 111, 222 (my personal favourity), 333 .. or any other number we can find on a digital clock.

If you allowed yourself not to worry about seeing the number, or better yet, just expect good things and nice surprises when you do .. you might turn it into a way of making your life better. Give that a go.

Love & Peace
p.s. I see 222 a lot .. it means something along the lines of ‘our carefully laid plans are coming to fruitition’ .. only I don’t actually know who the ‘our’ is, or what the ‘plans’ are, so I just smile, think good thoughts and keep moving. 🙂

It’s called confirmation bias. 48 is the number that you think you keep seeing more than others (for whatever reason), so every time you see it, you pay attention. Perhaps you see 67 even more often, but it doesn’t click in your head.

You ever have that period of time in you life where you think “wow, seems like every time I look at the clock it’s 11:11”. You feel that way because you never notice the 3:48 or the 9:27 or other “meaningless” times that you saw.

So, confirmation bias is your brains bias to confirm the idea that you see 48 all the time, while ignoring all the tons of other numbers you’re seeing in between.

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