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Why Did She Appear On Camera But Not Photo?

While on a camping trip with my friend, Sarah, she asked I take a picture of her on my iPhone. The thing is, after had taken the photo, she didn’t appear on it. I remember seeing her through the camera’s screen to see if it had her on it (for sake of it being a good picture) When she asked to see it, I told her it didn’t take, and asked her to stand by the tree once more, the same thing happened. I looked at the screen, saw her, hit the button to take the picture, but when I looked at it in my camera roll, it was only the tree.

This is troubling, it’s not like you can be on camera, but not on the photo. And since it was on a smart phone, it’s not like the film of an actual camera that could mess up and leave something out of a photograph.

I’m not saying this is paranormal, but I need some answers. Unless someone hacked my phone and could perfectly photo-shop her complete body, and replace it with the tree in under 3 seconds, I guess I’ll resort to this.

Asked by Paulo

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