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Why Can’t I See Spirits After The Birth Of My Son?

I saw ghosts and spirits when I was as young as 8. I have this gift and it was very active until I was 36 years old and gave birth to my first and only child, I cannot see those spirits and ghosts no more.

It faded always slowly, day by day. Until now, my son is 10 years old, I never seen or felt one.

I don’t know why, but Could this be related with my previous life?

Asked by Genevieve

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Hi Genevieve,

How much attention do our children take up? How much energy to raise them? How much do we focus on what they need and want? I know how much I spent on my two kids, which blocked most of my psychic senses until the youngest reached about fourteen, and then they gently faded back in again. Sometimes I am glad they did, and sometimes I am not, but since we choose whether our gifts work or not, I wouldn’t worry about yours being gone for good. It’s highly unlikely.

Relax, enjoy your son’s childhood. It doesn’t last that long, in the scheme of things. There’s plenty of time to sense spirits and ghosts once he’s had a good foundation for his life given to him by you.

Love & Peace

Dear Gen,
As a mother of 3 kids, i have had a similar experience. I agree with Ama saying your gifts will be reinstated when its time.
My suggestion, from my experience is the reason we become disconnected from the gift is for our own and our childrens protection. Kids take up so much time and energy and can be incredibly loud and in our faces 24/7….and need a lot of care and focus. Throw in some sleep deprivation, household tasks and life in general, its hard to see the forest for the trees. As mothers we focus on our kids, and i think that spirits are like the living in that if you cant get someones attention fairly reasonably, you move on and find somewhere and some one easier to get attention from. I think we lose the spirit world connection for self preservation, for our earthly safety and to help keep unwanted negativity or attachments coming in to our homes and having better access to our babies vulnerability and to tired mothers whos defenses might not be as strong as before having a baby for many reasons.
I firmly beleive in past lives, and know how they can effect things in this life, but my suggestion is more to do with allowing you to be a mother in the most busy and critical time of your childs life. I think your gift will resurface when its ready and when your ready too. Best wishes, with love and light to you and your Son : )

sometimes your children inherit psychic abilities and yours weaken for a bit and until they are in about middle teens and can fuel their own ones