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Why Can’t I See Ghosts Any More?

How come I can’t see ghosts any more? I saw my great nan as a ghost when  was a little girl and a small boy ghost a few years after that but I haven’t seen anything else since that moment. I still believe they exist too.

Every now and then I get a cold sensation all through my body and visible goose bumps along my arms. I would then glance at everyone else’s’ arms to see if they had it but they never did.

I am just confused at the moment.

Asked by Jane

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Hi Jane,

As a small child you were very connected to heaven, and your spirit was not so settled in your physical body, as it is now. Your psychic gifts were stronger then, some people simply grow out of them as they grow into their lives and start focusing on this ‘real’ world more from day to day. That’s normal.

Have you reached puberty yet? The gifts might start to come back then, if you have chosen to have them during this lifetime.

The other thought is that you might have chosen, a few years back, after being scared, to ‘never see ghosts again’ .. believe it strongly enough and you’ll switch off the gift, at least for a while.

Love & Peace

When I was very young, about 5, I was terrified that I was seeing ghost. Around the age of 8, I prayed very hard after seeing one particularly scary one. I prayed to never see them again, and I didn’t. I’m 25 now, my husband and I are concerned about our oldest of 3, who seems to have inherited the samething. He is afraid of it, but not terrified…the one he describes to see sounds very similar to the one that terrified me..what should I do about it?

Hi Jane (and Ama)

I was very connected as a child, but in an ‘innocent’ way. when I reached puberty, I needed to concentrate on my physical self and the changes and challenges that, that brought. It was only after puberty, when things settled down on a physical level, that I ‘re-openned- psychically. And even then, it seemed to be different – mainly because emotion governs us more as adults, than as children.

Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much that you’ve ‘closed down’ for a spell. It happens to us all from time to time throughout our lives. If it didn’t, we’d forget to concentrate on our physical world and the challenges that that brings, rather ‘live’ on the metaphysical – which is unhealthy imho.

A psychic is always a psychic – so, please, don’t worry Jane. You’ve not ‘lost’ your gift.


Hi I was in y early teens. When I saw ghost saw two in one nite in a NZ. Hospital then I saw a ghost of a man I knew in the cemetery at his funeral during day light have had some other encounters but have not seen anymore in over a decade??

Also have had the sense that people holding you down when sleeping have had this done to me 5 times once in my truck when line hauling

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