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Why Cant I Be Alone in this House?

So, I feel kind of weird asking this question because I have never in my life dealt with this kind of stuff. I live in a very old house with my boyfriend. He has always told me that weird things have happened to him. One house we stayed in, he said he would see shadows.

One time he said when we were asleep that he saw a reddish colored sweater in another room that moved towards him. He has woken up in the middle of the night thinking I was choking him. The house that we are in now (I moved out because of personal issues) he is afraid to stay there alone. There are times when he is so scared that he cant move.

He has a bible that he leaves open on a shelf to Psalms 23, and he said he keeps noticing that it changes to be 1 page off.

Every once in a while he sees a scruffy looking guy for a very quick second to where he cant make him out.

Now he says there is a spirit named Jeffrey that tells him bad things, including that he doesn’t like me and I cant be in the house, that I’m trying to hurt my boyfriend or that the other spirit is trying to hurt him. The only thing that has stopped the bad spirit is our dog.

What really freaks me out is that the last couple of days, I have been finding half pieces of Tylenol or Xanax on the floor. My boyfriend told me today that “Jeffrey” told him the bad spirit drops the pills on the floor to try to poison our dog so he will “go to sleep”.

I don’t know if my boyfriend is going crazy or if something is actually happening. He told me that I cant be in the house by myself no matter what. I have never experienced any of this, even when I was living there full time by myself. Please please help to shed some light on this.

Asked by Carley Cee

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Hi Carley Cee

[quote]He has a bible that he leaves open on a shelf to Psalms 23, and he said he keeps noticing that it changes to be 1 page off.[/unquote]

Does it turn back to reveal Psalm 19 – The Heavens declare the glory of God?? This is a psalm for protection, used as part of the Church of England exorcism rite!

Sounds like you’ve got a nasty little spook, with Jeffery. My advise, go and have a chat with your local priest or pastor and arrange for them to bless your house.


Hello Carly,

I’ve answered this question somewhere else. As AJ says, you have a ghost. Have you tried the Michael Invocation (its at the bottom of this page), which I would have suggested at the time, or having your house blessed by a minister of your local church? That should settle the situation down.

If you want to know if the ghost is really called Jeffrey you could get a medium to come to the house, talk to the ghost, and cross it over. This is not an ‘investigation’, it is ghostbusting (spirit rescue). Most investigators only what to take readings to prove ghosts are real .. which is fine, but in situations that are turning into trouble, its not wise to stir the ghost up by feeding it the energy of a whole group of people.

Love & Peace

PS why doesn’t the ghost like you – probably because it wants to isolate your boyfriend from you, and all his other friends, and keep him for itself. That means either the ghost is lying about its gender (being female instead) or it was gay when it was alive. That is a real worry, and should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Love & Peace