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Why Are Ouija Boards Bad?

Halloween is fast approaching and with it comes tales of ghosts, goolies, monsters and witches. If taken in the right spirit (pardon the pun), Halloween should be a fun, light-hearted affair – people dressing up, trick or treating, a bit of a giggle and generally using it as an excuse to party with your mates.

But unfortunately, there are those who decide to actually step away from the superficial side of Halloween and dip their toes into the darker side – ghost hunting, séances, or…. (cue; sinister music) the dreaded Ouija board.

But why does the very utterance of the name Ouija put the fear of God into so many people? It is sold as a toy, right? How can it be dangerous if it is marketed as nothing more than a harmless game to play? You can buy them anywhere – eBay, Amazon, general stores etc.

I personally think it is a far cry from being an innocent toy and, in my view, it should either be banned (preferable) or have a minimum age restriction placed upon it so children can not buy it or have access to it (the same as with alcohol, cigarettes or the film industry). But what do you think?

Asked by A J Ryder

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Personally tried it as a kid with no results, but not all are so lucky. I think it might sometimes depend on how open the people are , where you are and what might be there to start with, but not always!! I think it does open doors and like opening a door to any stranger, you may not like what comes to visit!! Not to be played with, and no I do not consider it a toy!! I wont even have one in the house. Cleaned out my inlaws several years back and took the one they had left from when thier kids were young. I took it so none of the grandchildren would get hold of it and I promptly took it home and threw it out for the trash to take, never even took it inside.

Hey AJ!!
This is a great question and I am glad you posted this!! Yes Halloween should be a “fun” time, but for some who really like to get their “spook” on dabbling in such things as Seances, Divination and Ouija boards are their choice of Halloween entertainment. The downfall to this, however, is that many of these “dabblers” are novices, looking for a cheap thrill but get more than they bargain for in return.
In my eyes, and I am sure you know this full well anyway, AJ, that Ouija boards are portals. It doesn’t matter if it was put out by Hasbro or hand crafted out of a piece of cardboard and a glass in your home. Once a person, or group of people begin using it, the portal is open, but the scary thing is, many do not propperly cclose that portal by saying “Good Bye” or going to “Good Bye” on the board. The other danger, is in the opening of the portal; you never know what is going to cross over though it. Sure, it could very well be a harmless ghost who comes though, but what if it is not? How is the average person suppost to know the difference, especially when demons can minic so well? Even a a grumpy or bad spirit, and not necessarily a demon, can cross over, refuse to then leave, and then you have a nusance on your hands, to say the very least.

I will admit, I was a foolish teenager and messed around with the Ouija board. Once I did it with a friend of mine. We asked it questions that silly teenagers would ask, such as “Who will I marry?” and such, but then my friends deceased grandmother came through and told us to stop using the board straight away and to take the board to the beach and burn it, and that is EXACTLY what we did. We were so scared to use a Ouija board after that! For me, The Ouija board is really nothing to mess around with, and I, myself, advise against it.

i have a weird looking ouija board,its dated 1909 and been made from the lid of a coffin,cost me a fair bit,never used it but when i try take pics of it,all u see is a bright light like iv taken a pic of a mirror,its also mysteriously split right down the middle!!! tbh tho,i think its a load of crap,they sell em in toy shops for kids!!

Hello Emma,

It’s definitely not a load of crap. The ouija is a door into another dimension where very negative entities live and its best never to be used.

Other people have told of the same problem when trying to photograph them.

As much as I don’t like destroying most things, ouija are right at the top of my hit list. You might never use it in your lifetime, but what about the people who inherit it after you are gone? That’s generally how an old board ends up appearing .. the descendants of people either start using it, or sell it or give it away, without understanding the danger it can create.

The split might stop the board working, but I wouldn’t take my chances on that. If you don’t value the board .. finish taking it apart and burn the pieces, the keep people safe in the future.

I have spent many years helping people get rid of the ghosts and darker entities that have come through those boards, as well as having had my own experience with it when I was 12, and then at 17. It’s definitely not a toy.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
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Hello Emma,
True, they are sold as toys…. every since Fuld’s estate was sold to Parker brothers starting in 1966, it’s been classified as “entertainment” and before that a “parlor trick”. Between 1920-1960’s, there were a lot of “knock-offs” created.

IMHO (and not being an aficionado of ouija boards) what you have is either one of the original boards (as the US patent started around 1891), or you have one that was created as part of a ritual (would be my guess because of the specific mention of the coffin lid).
I don’t think Parker Bros. use old coffin lids. I think they use cardboard and paper stock. 🙂

I know I’m not as sensitive to spirits/entities as some folks on here, yet I still wouldn’t chance it.
Made from coffin. Orbs/light flash appears any time you take a picture. It’s split down the middle……yeah, I don’t believe I would let it persist either, Ama! That’s just creepy. But I have to be honest. It’s mostly because I’m not much a fan of keeping material objects, that once contained dead folk, around the house.

To A.J., I say, great topic.
It reminds me of the old days on TGT. I seem to recall someone asking how to open a portal, because they thought it would be neat on halloween.
What happened to dressing up and acting like a raging fool because you were hopped up on candy? When did humanity decide that “fun” had to involve dabbling with nefarious unknown forces? Oh yeah….a while ago, I guess.

Anyway, I’m off to play portal2 on my playstation…..I just need to summon the dark lord Cthulu first. ha!


Hey Siddle!!!
You said: “Anyway, I’m off to play portal2 on my playstation…..I just need to summon the dark lord Cthulu first. ha!”

LMAO!!!! great way to finish that comment!! 😀

I agree with you; I find it a bit creepy that that Ouija was made from a coffin lid. I would wonder what kind of energy it possesses? From the sounds of it, more than likely negative, and also, what kind of people made that board and what kind of rituals did they perform? I wonder if they were into some form of Necromancy? Too many questions. Just burn that thing! From the sounds of it, I am sure it’s worth money, but it just feels like bad Karma to me! What kind of spirits could be attached to the board? Hmmm?? If it was me, I would definitely find a proper way to dispose of it, but quite frankly, I wouldn’t even keep a Parker Bros one in the house, either.

I agree with you; I think we need to leave Halloween to be a time of dressing up, going to parties or going door to door for candy(except, not when you’re an adult; other adults don’t take kindly to that!! LOL!!)and not a time to mess around with all thins “iffy” stuff, but I’ve already said my peace further up on this thread. Great to see you here, Siddle!!! 😀

Skip the summoning, please, Siddle, there’s enough weird in the world already without inviting more in. LOL

Luna, I wonder what energy we give to ouija with our/their fear of the board with the coffin lid? (sigh) I think I’d end up laughing instead. 🙂

Love & Peace

Oh I’m sure it’s lots of different kinds of energy, Ama!! You’ve got fear, because of it being made from a coffin lid,( the whole “taboo” thing!) you also, probably have whatever energy the creators put into it, whatever energy any of the users have put into it, and the energy of whatever passed through it. Plus, if it was created possibly by a Cult, a lot of them “charge” objects with energy to make it work in their favor; basically manipulating energy and putting it into the object. Sounds like the creators of this board were hoping that the coffin lid material would somehow, maybe amplify it’s effects? So, I am sure there is much that can be picked up from it.

Definatly NOT a toy!! When we cleaned out the inlaws house several years back I took the one they had left from when thier kids were little and promptly threw it out so none of the grandchildren would get hold it. I wont even have one in the house.

Those ghost stories on TV bore me. Everyone of them are silly. The group goes into a dark house looking for a ghost…They claim to hear noise then yell out..”what the hell was that” .All ghost sighting are seen in daytime,so why do they do their stupid shows at night.. but back to the Quija Board..It is a pile of crap. Why not use a Chess or Checker Board..It would be more fun to see the chess pieces moving all around ..

I agree with you, Gary. Paranormal shows are mostly nonsense designed to entertain or frighten people. Reality is a whole different situation.

A group of us once when to a haunted house and were happily talking to a ghost (via yes/no questions on a KII), who was standing between one husband and wife team (they could both feel it and sense it), when the people running the tour came in and started acting in that ‘its a ghost/scream’ way, about an empty corner of the room. Given that at least 4 of us were mediums, which the tour guides didn’t know until we told them to shut up and why .. their behaviour was totally pathetic and just plain annoying .. even the ghost left. LOL

Reality is, ghosts are everywhere and anywhere, day or night. They aren’t really more active at any time of day, its human senses that are heighten at night, to help keep us safe, and so we are more aware of the subtleties of energy movement at that time.

Love & Peace

Ah Halloween .. a custom not really important to australians until the recent years .. and still only really for kids, for the lollies.

All Hallows Eve, the night when the dead rise from their graves, to haunt the living .. the english version of a world belief .. the giving of gifts placate them (keep them calm, happy and feeling remembered) .. so the kids get the gifts, which is nice for them, and the sugar high turns them into little monsters .. very fitting for the season. LOL lots of good info there on the whole tradition.

Ouijas .. fear of God, AJ .. no, I’ve not heard of ‘him’ coming through the board (hehe) .. but plenty of nastier entities do. Better to stay right away from those ‘toys’ .. and the ‘angel talking boards’ which are exactly the same thing, and don’t connect to angels at all. Sadly, restricting them would only make people want them more ..

Great question, AJ.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama

You said: “Sadly, restricting them would only make people want them more .. ”

Yeah! The same as with cigarettes, alcohol or X-rates films – lol! But, at least a restriction of some kind would put a lot of folk off. Folk that currently think there is no harm in the board. And a restriction would certainly highlight the potential dangers associated with the Ouija/Spirit/Angel boards, just as restrictions highlight the potential dangers of alcohol etc.

You will always get some folk that want to experiment with restricted or banned things – they think it’s hard or clever. They think it impresses their mates to break the law (sigh!) That will never change. But, if one innocent person can be saved from enduring a negative entity then isn’t it worth doing?


I think that people should not mess around with things they don’t understand thats just asking for trouble!.

Havent used A Ouija Board in years, but just started renidag up on different stories about them again. One TRUE story I have about using them happened to me over 20 years ago. I had being using made up boards with my friends alot, but after about 2 months we all started having weird dreams and all had some weird stories to tell each other about things that were happening. The most scary thing that happpened to me and which stopped me using them took place in my bedroom one night. I dont recall having a dream that night but I guess I must have being dreaming about using a Board because in the Middle of the night I woke up from my sleep and found myself completley bent up backwards with my upper body from my waist up bent upwards enough that my hands and arms were moving over my pillow as if I were using a board. When I realised what was happening my face and upper body fell back down onto my hands and straight into my pillow. I have tried to do this several times since then when I tell this story but have never been able to. Incase anyone wants to try it, I was sleepin face down, my waist and legs were still on my bed, but from my waist up my body was raised up enough that my arms / hands were moving between my bed and my body without touching anything, and the main thing to point out is my body was totally relaxed no part of my body especially my lower back felt any strain at all. This really got to me and although I have tried them a few times over the years I have never really wanted them to work for me and have never been relaxed enough for them to work, maybe this is a good thing. But my advice to anyone who wants to explore Ouija Boards is this, Im not saying they work im not saying they dont, but if you spend enough time with them, one thing will happen without fail, they will bring you excitment at first but then without question they will also bring you unrest and fear. I dont judge people who use them or try to get them to stop I just tell them this story along with a few other unexplained happenings like very strong cold drafts in a closed warm room. Glasses flipping over, being able to feel laughter aimed at you when the Board spells out nasty things that will happen to you or things that it wants to happen to you. So although I will probably never meet anyone who reads this I will just say be carefull and take care . Im not religious at all but Ouija Boards will probably bring you closer to religion for better or worse depending which way you go for a period of time when they get under your skin.[]

Do not play with one. I did when I was young and had very scary experiences. I can’t believe they are sold in tiny stores. They are not to be messed with.