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Why Are My Eyes Changing Color?

Ever since middle school my eyes have taken on two different shades of blue. My eyes will change shades depending on the weather and will sometimes glow. And I am always squinting when it’s sunny outside (this usually hurts).

Do you have any ideas what is going on?

Asked by Madison

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Hi Madison,

I went to the Optometrist a couple of days ago and asked the same question … why does bright light ‘hurt’ my eyes (and yes it does). He doesn’t know. I know my pupils are slower to react, to shut down a bit, to protect the retina, when bright light flashes .. and I can’t see in the dark anymore, which is a bother .. but I am getting older now. And then I have to say that my eyes change colour .. they go from hazel to green depending on what I am doing. When I work with energy they can go green, and when I’m in a temper. Have you noticed what emotions you are feeling when they change? I’d be looking at the change caused by the enhancing of your emotions or energy.

Where you are concerned .. first go and have an eye checkup, just to make sure there’s not something physically wrong. If you done that already, good. And enjoy being different. You might be one of the special beings on the planet these days, who are having a human experience.

Love & Peace

Thank you for responding so quickly. I have been to the eye doctor and he says my eyes are healthy. As for color change, the lighter blue with go to almost a transparent blue when I am happy while the darker half will have a funny glow to it. But when I am upset both halfs have dark tint. I remember on one occasion I was really excited about something and one eye had neon pink strip going across, dissecting the blues. The pink eventually faded but it really shocked people who noticed.

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