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Who Is She?

When I was young my sister cousins and I found my grandmothers antique Ouija board in an old trunk at our cottage. I can’t remember specifics but I remember weird things would happen. We would try to summon our grandfather who had recently passed. When we asked for proof that the spirits were there certain objects around the cottage would shake like the TV. That’s when my grandmother took the board away Locked it up and hid it. But I got my parents to get me one. Again I don’t remember specifics but I remember my friend and I “communicating” with some “evil” spirits and again things would rattle and shake and we didn’t play it much after that. But I have always seen glimpses of someone there, being scared as hell, but when I looked again they would be gone.

Once I was sitting on my porch when I was young, probably around 7. I was looking across the road at my friends house. I saw this young women probably around 18 and she had long blonde beautiful hair, very pale complexion, a long white dress almost like a petticoat. She was just sitting there, smiling at me and rocking in the rocking chair. I didn’t feel scared per se, not like other times I have seen a figure. I looked away, looked back at her and she was gone and the rocking chair had stopped rocking.

I can slightly recall something happening like this before but not confident enough so say.

I’m now 27  and a few weeks ago I saw the young girl again. I went to a ski resort with my bf and his family. One night I woke up from a nightmare and being really scared I didn’t want to close my eyes and go back to sleep. So I turned over to my side and standing in the bathrooms doorway was the young girl, looking just as she did 20 years ago. She was standing there just staring at me. I wasn’t scared or uneasy at all this time, in fact quite the opposite. I looked away, I looked back, and she was gone and I drifted off to sleep.

I have no idea who this girl may be or what she might represent to me.

Now, something off topic but on.

My bf and I like to go to this certain steak house, for dinner. Twice that I’ve been there, in a row, I have tripped down the stairs in the exact same spot, in the exact same way. was weird to me but figured it was a coincidence. So this last time we were there (which was the second time I tripped on the stair), we were upstairs at the bar waiting for our table to be ready. There was a couple beside us, they got up and left , but the girl left her purse there. I couldn’t believe she so easily left her purse to the point that I was ragging on her to my bf about it. We were then called to our table. We went downstairs, I was still going on about that lady leaving her purse and how could she not be more careful. Then I overheard the waiter talking to the table beside us. He was giving them the history of this steak house( it’s an old mansion). I heard him tell them that the young woman who lived there died in her bedroom, which is now the women’s washroom. I thought it was interesting what he was saying but didn’t think anything odd about it.

Then a few minutes after that I went to get my phone out of my purse and realized my purse wasn’t with me. My bf went and checked upstairs at the bar and lo and behold it was there. I left it in the exact same spot as the last girl did. I couldn’t believe it. I went home and Googled the steakhouse. I then come to find out, it’s on the top of the list of haunted houses in Canada. A lot of people have claimed that a lot of weird things have happened to them in the women’s washroom (which is where the woman died). Also the maid hung herself at the staircase and apparently people have claimed to see a little boy playing on the stairs as well as looking down at people eating their dinners. I’m now convinced it was the little boy who tripped me on the stairs both of those times and who knows about the purses; also a weird happenstance.

I want to get my old Ouija board and see if I can figure out who this girl is that I’ve seen now a couple of times in my life.

Asked by Lisa

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Hello Lisa,

I think its a very good idea NOT to use ouija boards, simply because they do connect to darker energies, not just spirits, and can end up causing the living a great deal of harm.

You can obviously see ghosts, which is what the young lady you saw probably is. Most spirits don’t ‘haunt’, they visit, remind us that they love us, and go away again. They don’t hang around. What you saw in that nightmare might have been the way she died, and is her way of asking for help from you, to cross into heaven, or at least to keep giving her your sympathy, which means your energy, for her to feed on. It’s best that all ghosts to cross into heaven for that very reason. To that end, you could bring the lady’s face into your mind, and then ask your angels to FIND her and TAKE her into healing. “Archangel Michael, please find the lady who has been haunting me and take her into healing”. The Michael angels (our guardians) know exactly what to do.

The story about the purse sounds fun. I am wondering if some ghost in the house wasn’t warning you not to leave your purse behind, by showing you that the other lady did. It might be that some entity leaves a compulsion (a strong thought command) in the mind of anyone vulnerable to it, to leave their purse and hurry down the stairs .. or you could be be acting out the experience of the lady who died on the stairs, that she tripped, or was tripped, by accident, or by some unseen entity. It takes a lot of energy to physically obstruct a living human being, so unless the boy ghost has been dead for a very long time, hundreds of years, it might not be him. Did you ask the owners/waiters about any stories of other people tripping on the stairs?

Otherwise .. have fun .. and, please, stay away from ouijas, for your own safety. There are some truly nasty entities out on the spiritual planes these days.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,
Thanks so much for all your information. I really new to all of this so any information is good information. I have always been some what of a believer, but haven’t pursued it much.
I also have a lot of “premonitions” , do you know anything about that. For example, I always incision me getting into a very bad a wreck and I’m convinced that the way I’m going to die. I also “see” or “feel” that things are about to happen right before they do, I always voice it as well and am always right.

I haven’t seen the girl often in my life so in confused as to why he shows up when she does, it so shaped out, I mean there’s year in between that I don’t see her!

I haven’t asked the staff at the mansion about anything. I just overheard the one server talking about the house but he didn’t mention anything to do with it being haunted.
It is my mission to go back and do a your and ask as many questions as possible.

Thanks again for your response 🙂

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