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What Was The Human-like Shape I Saw?

I saw what I can only describe as a ghost about 4 years ago. Can someone help me understand it?

About four years ago I was in a house that the occupants believed was frequented by paranormal entities. I saw a shape that could be described as human-like moving from one room to another. This shape was yellow in color and incomplete, like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. It was also transparent.

This house was quite old and had many instances of strange and unexplainable events occurring. Some of these events were quite frightening, but they never led to any harm.

Does anyone have a similar experience to share? Could anybody explain what it is that I saw?

Asked by Blake

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A transparent yellow-colour figure that looked like an unfinished jigsaw .. bits missing in the middle, or were the edges incomplete?

Sounds more elemental than ghost to me (perhaps a nature spirit) .. can you give us a better description please? And what was it actually doing, apart from going through a doorway? Did you follow it? And what colour yellow?

Love & Peace

From he sounds of it it was a simple ghost. As for the colour, people see spirits differently from the next medium. My older sister for example sees transparent people in blue, and i see them ranging from white-grey-and black (although the last ones kinda creepy). Your ghost was probably just going about his/hers natural business (like looking at a painting, siting in a chair, singing <– creepiest one, they were still human at one point). And if by frightening you mean waking up to a transparent face staring at you inches from your own, then you've got nothing to worry about. But if you felt uneasy when in the house, like a gut feeling that somethings not right then you have something to worry about as theres more the just ghosts in that house. (laughing honesty helps in those situations as silly as that sounds).

Anyway, hope that helped with your questions

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