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What Was That Handprint On My Abdomen?

Handprint on abdomen, not mine nor my boyfriend’s! What is it and what should I do about it?

I moved into my boyfriend’s parent’s old house in November 2013 with my boyfriend and strange things have been happening to me. I sense that something is watching me all the time but I tend to ignore it. A few months after we moved in, my boyfriend took a few photos of us, but he took loads of photos in one go. We were sitting on the sofa in the living room and there is a stair gate just behind us where we were sitting.

The first photo was normal, the second photo the stair gate was blacked out, like a shadow standing where the stair gate is, the third photo the shadow moved just behind me and the shadow disappeared from the stair gate, instead there was a blue dot, the fourth photo the shadow disappeared from behind me and there was the blue light on my face and the fifth photo there is a hand next to me, looking like it’s going to suffocate me! Me and my boyfriend we’re so shocked. We were worried but didn’t think anything of it.

A few months later I woke up and went to get changed and there was a big red handprint on my abdomen, so I though I had slapped myself in my sleep but I measured it and compared it to my hand and it was a lot bigger! It was also bigger than my boyfriend’s too! I don’t know what it is.

The handprint disappeared after 3 hours. What could this be? Who should I speak to? My boyfriend has also said to me a shadow stands over me whilst I’m asleep. Can anybody please help?!

Asked by Sarah

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Hi Sarah

Strange marks that having materialised mysteriously, disappear again after a short while, tend to lead towards poltergeist activity.

Do items in the home mysteriously disappear/reappear? Curtains open / close of their ‘own will’ etc?

How old are you? Are you feeling stressed? Have you experienced this kind of activity before moving into your boyfriends home?

More often than not, polt activity is ‘externalised’ energy from a living person that is seemingly taking on a mind of its own. Adolescence and menopausal women tend to create poltergeists more than most other folk, although anyone (particularly someone under stress, or depressed) can externalise their energy to create a poltergeist as well.

As for shadows, orbs and other oddities – do you know the history of the house? Has anyone else ever complained of a ghost lurking in the shadows before?

Try the Michael Invocation (the link of which is found at the bottom of this page). If you are still concerned, have a talk to your local priest or vicar and ask if they can come round and bless the house and bless you. Also, try to find out as much history about the house as possible – the information will help, when talking to the clergy.


Hi AJ,

No nothing in the house moves or disappears and nothing opens or closes on its own either.

I’m almost 21, with my job I do get a bit stressed but nothing major and it’s only sometimes. I’ve never experienced this kind of activity before.

The house we live in is a few hundred years old and many people have lived and died here but no one has complained about ghosts lurking around here etc before and this is why I find it so strange.

That’s brilliant, thanks for your help.

Sarah x

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