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What Is This and Why?

We purchased a house in Bloemfontein, South Africa. The house, according to history and maps, was built on the grounds where one of the English concentration camps was located in the Anglo Boer War. I don’t know whether that is the cause of all of this (my story), but the whole neighborhood seems a bit haunted. Lots of stories going around. How accurate they are, I do not know. Here is my account of what happened in our house. Oh, and I should mention that we purchased the house from a woman whose husband was murdered, but not in that house. (He could also be responsible)

Everything started after my parents broke through one of the walls and built an extra, massive entertainment room. After that, I started noticing strange things in the house. I don’t know whether the construction of the new room had something to do with this or whether I actually was just old enough to realize these things by then. (Age 12, if I remember correctly) My gran could see spirits and was a firm believer in all sorts of signs. Anyway, that is enough backstory information, I think.

We would start seeing a figure walking/moving from the guest living room to the kitchen. You could only see this briefly through the doorway of the entertainment room. Later on we, I can’t remember when and why, decided that the figure was male. We named him “Die man / Die oom”, translated the “The Man”. We would see him do his thing for years. My friends all got used to him and weren’t bothered by him. One night I recall my one friend hearing cups move in the kitchen and called out, “maak vir ons ook koffie asseblief”, which means “please make us some coffee too”. He said this, because he thought it was my mother in the kitchen, hence the clear sound of cups moving. When he heard no confirmation, he went to the kitchen and found it abandoned. I believe this was the turning point and things started escalating.

One night I was up late playing computer games. I think it was Grand theft auto Vice city, anyway.. While playing the game, the sound went all strange and it sounded as though a very deep voice through the speakers said my name. The name was quite clear though, but the sound went back to normal after that. I was freaked out a bit, but wrote it off to a possible glitch in the game and mere coincidence that it sounded like my name. I must admit, it was very “movie-like”, so obviously telling anybody was just out of the question. I’d be accused of making up stories.

On another occasion, I woke up during the night; not sure what time though. It felt like something was pinning me to the bed. I wanted to scream, but could not move, nor get out a sound. After whatever happed had stopped, the cat that was in the bed with me immediately left the room in a great hurry. Knowing my cat and his reactions, this was him being VERY scared. I followed suit and woke my parents to tell them what happened and informed them that I’ll be spending the rest of the night in one of the other bedrooms. I still have the scar on my one arm where I guess the cat scratched me rather deep while running/spinning off the bed.

A while after that; a long while, I guess a year or two; we were sitting in front of my computer in my bedroom. This was now me and my brother. We heard my dad calling me, but I ignored him at first to quickly complete my task on the computer. After a minute or two my brother said I should probably go and hear what my dad wants before I get into trouble. It turned out that my dad was not back from work yet. I don’t know who or what called me, but it called me on my name, exactly in the same voice and tone in which my dad would call me.

The very same thing happened again, I think about a couple of months after the previous encounter. This time I, my brother and two of my friends heard it. I went to my parents’ bedroom where both of them were on the bed, reading the paper. Both looked very puzzled when I said my dad just called me.

I moved out of the house that December, which I personally think was a good thing, since these things occurred on an increasingly frequent basis. Since I don’t know who or what it is and what it wants or its intentions are, this rather scared me a bit.

The only people with whom I was close with that have passed are my grandmother, mentioned earlier in this email and them my grandfather, who passed before the last two occurrences. I do however doubt that they will feel the need to do something like this in the afterlife, but I won’t disregard the fact that it is possible.

I need the input from an outsider. Someone with no knowledge of all the other things in my family to give their opinion on this please.

Asked by JAT

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Dear JAT, The phenomena you experienced was probably due to the historic background of where your house was built. You mentioned that is was located where concentration camps had once been. I can only imagine all the terrible and strong emotions that were left there as a consequence of what the prisioners had to go through. You also said that you were 12 years old when you moved into that house. I have heard that sometimes teenagers cause poltergeist phenomena to occur, like things moving or strange sounds because of all the energy young people possess. All this happens without them knowing that they’re causing all those strange sounds, noises, or things falling or moving. Hope this helps, ALP

Hello JAT,

A concentration camp would be a place of strong emotion, which would make for more residual types of ghosts, in my opinion, than ones that can get your attention by calling your name. I am amazed that the house wasn’t more haunted. And yes, removing a wall might stir up ghosts, or the new doorway might have simply made it more visible.

I’ve heard my name called any number of times, mostly by my guides when they want to get my attention. It’s not something I worry about, but its also not something that my friends hear too. That confirmation must have been reassuring for you, in some way, that you were not imagining what you heard.

The ‘waking and not being able to move’ could have been sleep paralysis, where your mind wakes up before your body does, and until the two match and you wake up properly, you won’t be able to move, and often people, in that ‘between’ state, get a sense of presence in the room, either near them or even looming over them. It might have been your ghost, or it could have just been yourself returning to your body after astral travelling. Did it only happen once?

The voice through the speaker, is also not unusual .. I’ve read about it before, because ghosts can manipulate energy, and voices are produced by energy. Obviously the ghost wanted to get your attention, and give you a fright, because they feed on our negative energy.

From everything you have written, it actually sounds like a calm sort of haunting. Do your parents still live in the house? Is it even more active now?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra (listed below under Friends)

Thank you for replying and giving me your opinions on this matter; I really appreciate it.

Yes, my parents still live there, but they have not mentioned anything about the haunting since I left. Like I said, according to what I hear the entire suburb is pretty much haunted. I can however confirm one of the other stories that is doing the round. The school up the road from my parents’ house (about 400m) is also said to be haunted. My father maintains a computer center at the school, which brought along some interesting stories. I’ll do a detailed post on that sometime (If you want), but to sum it up very quickly. We have a movement activated CCTV system which will sometimes record, well nothing. We have had some breakins where we found the guy from the security company white as snow outside the building. The couple of times this had happened they all seemed to have the same story. They hear children laughing and playing in the big hall. When they go inside, the can hear tables and chairs being moved around on the stage. When they get to the stage, ready to bust the trespassers, they find nothing, not even tables and chairs.

If this is a haunting related to the concentration camps, I think that what we learn in the history books are only the negative accounts of the war. I do think that in the horrible circumstance of being held in concentration camps, the people or children were still happy and joyful. Otherwise I cannot explain the happy children voices in the big hall.

My question still remains though. These things that happened to me, are they from the same entity? Do you think the “entity” is doing this with good or bad intentions? And why (to my knowledge) did most of the hauntings stop when I left the house?
I ask you to answer this, because you are probably the most experienced person on the matter that I know of.

Hello JAT,

From what you write, I can’t know if its the same entity or not .. but I would assume it is. If it had been your grandfather, I think he would have wanted you to recognise his voice, rather than just scare you, but since it started before he died .. its unlikely to be him. You did not mention the activity died down after you left the house, what is it like in your current home? The intention of most ghosts is to get our energy to feed on, and they will do it any way they can .. but most are not harmful, just hungry.

What I find is that some people are catalysts and draw ghosts to them. I’m one. I know quite a few people in my field who feel the same way about themselves. The ghost in the old house might have really liked to get everyone’s attention, but once the greatest source of energy was gone (yours) it quietened down again, or moved on to another house.

The laughing children do not sound like a concentration camp activity to me, what else happened on the land apart from that? Was it ever an orphanage or school? Concentration camps are more like Belsun or worse, in my mind.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama
Apologies for only replying now (6 years later)
Lost track of this post.

Let me give you a quick update on these events.

Re the haunting at the school. Yes, it’s still happening from time to time. They never seem to harm anyone, but people still seem to hear the little children play.

Before the school, and the neighborhood for that matter, was built, the area used to be farm land.

It pretty much went from being farmland to concentration camp, back to farmland and then to residential suburb.

If the children aren’t from the boer war days, then most likely just one of the farmers who once lived there’s children. We had a pretty high mortality rate back in the day, but who knows.

As for my parents house; they still live there. Everything seems to have died down completely. You’re most probably correct in saying that the entity has moved on to another house.

As for me, I’ve had the odd interesting experience here and there since I moved out. I usually find it quite entertaining eliminating all scientific factors before implying that I’ve just experienced a haunting.
Like I said; I’ve had some experiences, but nothing recurring and definitely nothing harmful. So I let them be.

I find as I get older it’s very entertaining trying to dig up history and “solve” these mysteries that I’ve experienced.

Yet, most mysteries are ment to remain just that.

May God bless you.
Love, JAT