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What Is The Significance Of A Bat Infestation?

I moved into my apartment around satellite town July last year and very recently (Last month) I have been experiencing something strange. The first was about a month ago, I got back home and immediately the light was restored, I noticed a bat flying in my room (my personal). I immediately launched an attack and killed it, I also ensured it was completely burnt to ashes. Then two days later another one appeared. This time it was witnessed by myself and my neighbor and we both attacked it and killed. I decided to close every opening in my room and ensured my room was always locked after that second experience.

batJust this morning again, I woke up with my lights still dim, I heard some strange noise inside my room again, I quickly reached for the light switch and low and behold another bat in my room again. This time am very very terrified. I think something is wrong and have to cry out.

How on earth can a bat enter a room with doors and windows closed, no opening anywhere? What could be the significance of this horrible creature creeping into my bedroom room while I am asleep?

My people, am not a believer of superstition, but this experience is terrifying and I think I need some counsel. Please anybody with similar experience should advice as am determined to put an end to this repeated development.

Asked by Chinelo

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Hi Chinelo

You don’t say what sort of building you live in? Do you have a chimney? Do you have trees near your roof? Are the bats little or big? Why did you kill them instead of just trapping them and putting them back outside .. that’s what we do around here, although we don’t have problems with rabies and other diseases much. I’ve had a number of bats, and birds, fall down our chimney during the years. They are a problem to catch, but we just leave the doors open and eventually they fly out again, particularly when we chase them around.

And sometimes we think we have blocked every hole, but we haven’t. The small bats can get through small holes, no problem at all.

It seems that the omens around bats are usually not good, but first I”d find out if you have a family of them living in your roof.

Love & Peace

Sounds like there is a hole in your house somewhere where they come in. Bats are like mice, they can get through really small holes. We lived in an apartment in Salt Lake for a time, and bats came in like the ones you described. They were in the roof, between the ceiling and the roof. The landlord finally had to gas them.

Hi Chinelo,

There´s no reason why you should be afraid of bats. They are extremely useful creatures, they help keep the insect population down, they aid in flower pollination, among other things. Next time one of those poor innocent creatures enters your home, why don´t you try catching and setting it free again outside? Bats live in a very complex society. The adults leave their young to look for food while other adult bats or nannies, stay back to look after the babies. By killing those two bats you most probably left a few orphaned babies. Those bats were only looking for food. Keep in mind that nothing in nature is evil. Cheers. Argel

Hi Chinelo
Though I knew bats helped in maintaining the insect population I never heard of nannys taking care of the young. In fact I wasn’t aware of parents caring for their young at all so thanks, for that information. Where I used to live we had quite a bat population in our area so of course many of these little guys snuck into our home. Usually at night when the lights were on. Yes, they flew around and were a little creepy when they were flying around the kitchen but my method to get them back outside was to wait till they settled down and with a towel I’d quickly cover them and release them outside. Even though there is always a chance of being bit,(rabies I know) I’m a big believer in
‘All Creatures Great and Small.’

Hi Argel,
I’m sorry, I didn’t give credit where credit was due. I meant to thank you for enlightening us on the amazing lives of our bat friends. 🙂 Take care

The belief from some parts of the world is that bats bring good luck.
You should not kill them.

Since many people are afraid of them (naturally), perhaps just chase them out of the house.

I did experience same and in 3 successive apartment in different areas and cities where there were no trees, attic and chimney. The roofs were decked with closed doors and windows. Couldn’t explain even till this moment. There were big ones, very big ones, babies all flying in right through walls as if there was a vortex on the wall. All within the last 5 years with different explanation from people. None has made any sense yet. Let me know what conclusion you had in yours. Please do contact me

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