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What Is The Meaning of Sovereign Heart?

Some time ago, I woke at early hours of the day after the night sleep and as I was in a state between sleep and waking up, I heard the words; “SOVEREIGN HEART”. It happened so fast and calmly, more like in a whisper.

Please can anyone explain?

Asked by Amaju

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Hello Amaju 🙂

How wonderful!! That is not a bad thing… to have a sovereign heart…is a good thing…a strong and true heart… knowing what you believe and standing and taking the path you feel is right.. in my experience as a pastors wife…it is ONE of the most strongest and divine love that one could show.. it reigns supreme.. 🙂


I’m with you, Lisa.

Amaju, to have a sovereign heart is to have a heart that truly belongs to God, or your King. You must be a very loving person.

Love & Peace

How lovely, to hear the words Sovereign Heart as you slumber.

Hi Amaju

What was going on in your life at the point the angels sent you this message? Were there great changes about to happen that you were concerned about? Had you just found spiritual enlightenment?

It would be interesting to see if there is any connection between the message and where you were at in you life at the time. (I’m nosey like that – lol!)


…Or the dream weavers were having some fun.
I like words a lot. I love rearanging them….let’s see what anagrams we can make from SOVEREIGN HEART:
1) Erase Overnight – Dreams/past life seperation…hmm…..neat. What else?
2) Hovering Teaser – visit from Shadow people?
3) Sovereign Earth – Guide speak about Gaia?
4) A Reverting hose – Yeah….let’s just count that one out. I mean, I could make a stretch of a claim and say something to the affect of reversing chi or energy flow……but mostly I’m already starting to struggle at making other words with this phrase. This is what happens when I try to be clever 🙂

5) A Honest Griever? – Has anyone close to you past? And you feel you are the only one that truly understood that soul?
6) To Hire Avengers – Yeah, think we can skip that one too. I need to find a good online anagram solver! But after that movie, I did decide I would call upon them if I ever spotted Loki.

Point is. This is a fun set of letters. Probably just means exactly what you would expect. You have (or, are to have) a sovereign heart. I tend to agree with Ama and A.J. a lot….so I hope you read their kind words first. Sounds like it could be a remarkable recognition of a great soul.

I only bring up anagrams, because I have been spoken to, in dreams, by dream characters using very cryptic wordplay.
I’m personally still trying to find out what “Surface of the Gods” means. It’s on a sign, in front of a very brightly colored temple in my recurring city.

Either way…It sounds like a kind message, a warm reminder or a question. Any communication like this, in dreams, is worth considering.

Fantastic question/Post!

Hello Siddle,

What?? LOL You are good. I enjoy your nuttiness.

Surface of the Gods – they own even the floor on which the people walk? Do you step into higher energy when entering the temple? Is it a caution to the unwary to watch their step .. literally or figuratively? 🙂

Love & Peace

Thanks! 🙂
My nuttiness is the only guiding light to an otherwise blissfully insane mental state. Still not sure how that works exactly, but it’s what gets me through my day. haha!
So I take your words as a compliment.

Surface of the Gods? No idea what it’s like inside, Ama.
I can’t get in. I have yet to find any actual doors (that work…not “locked”, mind you…just facades that look like doors). And I can’t pass through the walls…I’ve tried.

It seems empty, but I can’t be certain.
It’s placement is not close to the central building…in fact it’s just far enough away to be unsettling.
Looks like the whole temple was tie-dyed. That’s why my word usage, “brightly colored”, probably didn’t do it much justice.
Never seen anyone enter or leave.

Despite all of that, it doesn’t seem evil at all….it actually feels quite peaceful in nature.

There is a solid “hum” around the building….as if it is constantly vibrating. So, perhaps higher energy is a factor….but it seems to generate from the building…not me.

That is all I know about the Surface of the Gods, sadly. But I aim to learn more.


It was a compliment, sir. I must be a tree, I seem to gather so many lovely nuts .. and I love them all. LOL

Doors .. perhaps you have to create your own .. or stop seeing the walls as a barrier? Is the building a representation of yourself (tied dyed equals chakra system colours?)

Low hum, slow hum, faster hum, higher pitch? We all vibrate. I think its actually your heart, almost in the centre of yourself (your city). It is said to be where God resides in each of us.

Mel Brooks comment here .. “My mind is a raging torrent flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives” from Blazing Saddles. I have a virus, must have a temperature. LOL

Love & Peace

Hi Siddle

What you’re describing sounds a lot just like Yerushalaym Shel Sahav:

The city was a fabulous sight as it stood, like a jewel, in the centre of the valley. It had a great, high wall surrounding it, made from bloodstone, which was laid out like a square. The wall hosted twelve gates; three on the eastern wall, three on the north, three facing to the south and three on the west, with each gate constructed from a single pearl.
The foundations of the city wall were decorated with twelve precious stones. The first was jasper, which gave a sense of balance to the spirit; the second, sapphire, aided a strong connection with the higher self, giving clarity and inspiration; third was the ‘gatherer’, fluorite, and fourth was emerald, the unconditional love stone of deepest green. Fifth was rose quartz, emanating forgiveness and compassion; the sixth, carnelian, which brought joy and warmth to the soul, whilst seventh was celestite, the stone of heaven. Eighth was beryl, a hard mineral of many colours; the ninth was topaz, which radiated peace and tranquillity; tenth was the joy stone, chryosprase, whilst eleventh was jade, which poured out divine love, courage, justice, modesty and wisdom. Finally, the twelfth stone was amethyst, which cut through all illusion, bringing the lower natures to a higher consciousness.

Inside the ‘city’ there are no precious jewels; no fancy furnature; no paintings adorning the walls. It is empty, save for the peace, tranquility and love of God.

Maybe you should knock on one of those locked doors and ask to enter?? It is a beautiful place.


PS Precious jewels vibrate. They give off different frequencies of energy, unique to each kind of stone. And, from a distance, many gems with their convexed or concave surfaces may give the illusion of being a ‘tie-dyed’ structure of ‘many colours’.

Hmm … interesting!

I think ‘surface of the gods’ is literal – beyond that wall or ‘surface’ is where the higher beings actually reside. Only the righteous, pure of heart with genuine intention are allowed to enter. By that I mean, someone who seeks God for the right reasons. That may explain why you don’t see folk entering or exiting the temple because no one can enter without permission.

Maybe the message for you here is; open yourself up to God. Take the bull by the horns, have faith in yourself and your spiritual self. Do not doubt what you learn but rather, embrace all that is being shown to you. Then, you may find that, once you are ready, you will be allowed to enter that temple for the answers you seek.


I love how you describe gemstones as being a part of the Divine!!! Here in this world they have the same purposes and perhaps they are working through the Divine to aid us! Many, including myself, use gemstones in healing and removing blockages. I love working with gemstones!! They seem to have a “life” of their own for otherwise inanimate objects!

Hi Luna

Yep! I put great store in gemstones too.

My fav is Rose Quartz. I have a large one placed at the side of my bed and carry a smaller one around with me in my pocket – lol!


Siddle and Luna!!

Two more of my fav’s on this site 🙂

I still think it is what it is… sometimes the simplest form is just that.. the OP hasn’t reply the state of which they where in when hearing these words.. so who can say atm.. 🙂

In my own mind… I would think Heaven would show up like a prism.. with all the jasper, gold, pearl and precious minerials that it would be as tie dyed… I may be way off key on trying to keep up with ya’ll, but that is what I would imagine in my own mind… I guess I would just like to know.. that a message giving out to anyone in this day and time would be one of the greatest love for man kind.. a love so pure and devoted that one could stand up against the darkness that has been spreading around and taking our children and whispering false hoods into their ears.. that sometimes the rare message is love…divine love and it still exists today…

Many blessings 🙂


Hi Lisa

What a lovely way to visualise Heaven, as a prism. Beautiful! How we each ‘see’ Heaven is a very personal thing. No one is right and no one is wrong. It’s the energy of Heaven that’s the important part, because Heaven is energy.

I love the idea of the divine giving out a message full of the greatest love for mankind. And do you know what? I think it happens a lot, in all kinds of ways. Like the OP, or Siddle’s dreams, or even my own wacky dreams, as examples.

Maybe we should all just start listening more – lol!


Interestingly enough, that is exactly what one of my dream characters said this weekend. We all need to listen more.

Even more interesting, is the fact that I hadn’t read your response until just now.

Been trying to get PQA in my dream world….now I just need a way to comment on posts whilst there.


The ‘trick’ is .. ‘to listen with our hearts’, Siddle. I remember when Spirit first said that to me. I pondered it for days, and then stopped and thought about connecting my ears and heart to each other through lines of energy .. and bingo, out pours love. But what also comes out is all the pain and grief we have stored within us, so that we can work through it with kindness, to set ourselves free.

It’s not just God/spirit/angels and whomever that we need to listen to .. it is also our own spiritual voice. Ego, bless it, is very loud, but our soul’s ‘sing’ louder – when we take our fingers out of our ears. 🙂

Love & Peace

Heaven, to me, is a quiet place, of trees and fields and rose gardens .. at least that is what I have experienced at various times during this lifetime. It IS a place where everything, and all you feel, is that Love that God/Spirit has for all of us, its Children. Even in our darkest hours that energy of love ‘sings’ a message to our spirit, to keep us alive .. sadly, not always in our physical bodies, but always to our spiritual selves. Our physical lives are so fleeting in comparison to our true LIFE with God, though they might not feel that way at times. And it is that “Love Song of the Universe” that draws us Home after this physical journey is done.

Love & Peace

I wish CT had a “like” button on here like facebook LOL… I read what ya’ll have to say and find myself looking for the LIKE button…LOL..So, thumbs up 🙂


Never had there been a time in my life was i concerned about my spiritual life. My being craved for answers to life’s purpose on this plane of existance more than ever before. Sometimes i felt like “NOT BELONGING HERE, WHERE THERE IS MUCH DARKNESS”.Truthfully speaking the time i had this experience, i believe my soul was “HUNGRY” AND “THIRSTY” for God. Afterwards, i felt relieved and “NOT SO ALONE”.

Hi Amaju

How lovely, that when you felt alone in the wilderness, you received a message of comfort and light.

Thank you for sharing. What a lovely experience.


Hi Ama,

I found the post! I was looking for it, where you said, “I pondered it for days, and then stopped and thought about connecting my ears and heart to each other through lines of energy .. and bingo, out pours love.”

I am going to give this another shot, maybe it’d be best to try it when I meditate. I kept thinking you said you imagined you put headphones connecting your heart to your ears, but lines of energy is easier to imagine in my mind for me.