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What Entity is Haunting Me?

So when I am completely home alone (in the day time also), I tend to hear various noises  that only a human could make.

The last time I was home alone I was sitting in my room, it was around 4pm and all the sudden I start hearing knocking on either a window or a door, it wasn’t any ordinary knocking it, it was the type of knock you would do if you were to knock on the door to someone you know, like a joke-ish kind of knock if that makes any sense, I thought it was my parents but after the knock continued after at least 20 seconds I came to the realisation that it wasn’t them, I got really scared and closed my door and turned out it was never my parents that knocked on the door.

Another thing that occurred all in one night, it was about 7pm and it just turned dark out, I was also in my room and I started hearing whiping on the windows as if someone was cleaning it or whiping something against it (I’m guessing in the kitchen since it didn’t sound like it was on my window) I also heard sweeping of a broom not to long after which scared the heck out of me.

I never went out to investigate but a few hours later around 11pm-2am I was in the what we call “office” where my parents computer and all is, I began hearing a quite voice that sounded like it was my mother calling out my name, it wasn’t my usual name I’m addressed by either, it was a nick name my mother always calls me, turns out it wasn’t my mother either since she was out of town.

Those are only a FEW of my ghost experiences that have really stood out, if anyone can help me identify what kind of ghost this is I would really appreciate it!

Asked by Zeb

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Hi Zeb,

There aren’t different sorts of ghosts. Ghosts are the spirits of people who have died but not crossed into heaven. They still have the same personalities, and good and bad behaviours, they had when they were alive. They like to play games with the living, because negative energy is like food to them, and we pump it out when we are nervous or angry or whatever.

I suggest you clear your home. At the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation which you can use to remove the ghost, or you can ask your mother to. Have you talked to her about your experience, because she might be having them too. Perhaps she would be happier asking the priest or minister from your local church to bless the house .. the outcome will be the same. No more silly games.

Love & Peace