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What Does This Dream Mean?

Hi Ama & Company,

I’m sorry I’m writing again when I could have asked in the other question (my second question), but I’m not sure if I’m interpreting the dream properly and would love some insight on it.

This dream (obviously) didn’t happened to me. My maternal grandma (whose husband passed away 4 months ago) had this dream during the last days of September or early October (not sure, I got the telling on October 9th).

She was sleeping and her husband came to her asking to make love (I assume it means to have sex). It’s the first experience she has since  his passing and for what I could tell, she is moving on.

When she was telling me this experience, she was in peace. I remember the time when I told her about the vision I had (24 hours after we buried him), she started crying and didn’t want to listen to me. And to top it all, she told my brother about my experience, and he ordered me to don’t say anything like that to her again.

I don’t know what he believes in, but what I saw as a good thing, he and my maternal grandma saw it otherwise. After that, I asked my maternal grandpa for a sign if that vision was meant for my eyes only. And I think that he answered me with a 4 month delay in the form of that dream.

Am I right? The vision was meant for me only while the dream was for my granny? And the dream meant he has crossed over and he’s surrounded by Love?

Thanks for any help in advance,

Love & Peace

PS: Another question (sorry if this makes it really a long post). I usually see invisible orbs and black little worms in the air. I always wonder why the little worms appear near some orbs and if they’re meant to be bad energy. Also, where I live, there’s nothing elemental in order to attract those beings. The orbs & little worms move up & down (no matter the direction I’m looking at) and they’re always small. The orbs are always small but sometimes, there are a couple together but always side by side.

Asked by Marina

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Hi Marina,

A spirit wouldn’t want to make love, but would want to give comfort in some recognisable form. As long as your grandmother was ok with that, no problem. I don’t think the four month delay was an answer to your question, but your grandmother’s reaction certainly was. Don’t share it with your family because it might upset them. I know its frustrating, but not everyone is open to visits from spirits or other beings, and that’s not always a bad thing. If your grandmother says your grandfather is constantly around asking to make love .. then I would suggest you get some help crossing him into heaven .. the Michael Invocation, the link is at the bottom of this webpage .. will help.

About the wiggly worms – I see these bright wiggles with a dark edge around them? Is that what you are describing? Lots of people see orbs, and they are generally good energy (I’ve never seen or experienced any that we not good energy) and the wiggly ones might just be astral energy, or elemental energy (created by nature) .. so nothing to worry about.

Love & Peace

Thanks for the answer, Ama. I’ll try to be more cautious next time.

About the wiggly worms– they’re all (edge & inside) black. Ever since I started seeing them, I worried about because of the color. That’s like 3 years ago.

Anyways, now I’m a bit less worried, knowing they could mean they’re not reflecting some bad thoughts I may have.

A friend once told me she’d scared the heck out of herself seeing a black orb when a group of us was staying overnight in our favourite haunted house. Given the house was cleared of negativity and shielded, so nothing nasty could get in, I asked her what the orb had done, apart from fly past the ceramic bulldogs it was sitting between? It had just left when she became of aware of it .. or maybe it just left anyway. Black does not mean nasty, it just means the absence of colour, or light .. like a dark night. We fear the darkness because we cannot see what is in it, and since black orbs appear very seldom, people are scared of them .. but truthfully, the shape of the orb (a circle) is a perfect shape, and the shape of truly negative energies is never perfect, so no matter what colour the orb is, or isn’t .. if its a perfect circle, I don’t think people should worry about them.

My personal opinion is that orbs are created by the emotional outpourings of living people and animals, and also by beings in the elemental kingdom (nature spirits). Since our emotions are created within our chakras, and they have specific colours (frequency of energies) that fill our auras, including dark browns and blacks (depression), the orbs we see around us are part of us .. as part of the human race living on the sentient planet we call Earth. I don’t think they are anything to worry about.

And the wiggly worms .. perhaps they are the essence of uncreated energy? What do they do when you see them? Flow towards you or away, or just hang about? We all see the elemental kingdom differently, perhaps this way is yours? I know lots of people who would like to see them. 🙂

Love & Peace

They behave like the orbs, they fly up and down or sideways. Now that you mention your story, they don’t seem be scared like trying to disappear as soon as I notice them.

They seem to like being notice (they don’t come towards me) but they follow my sight. Let’s say: I’m watching front & I see them. Then, (because I’m going to cross the street or have to help at my house with something), I turn left and I see them there.

I even do this when I don’t have to to see how they behave, and they behave exactly the same.

Maybe I shouldn’t be worried and be grateful I can see what other people would like to but can’t.

Love & Peace

Good idea! Gratitude is wonderful, but always remember .. that unseen world that you and I can see, also has its troublemakers, so remain watchful, but not fearful, of the unusual beings that are making themselves visible to the world these days.

Love & Peace

I will, thanks for always answer my questions.

I also wonder what other being will I see next time, now I’m excited to learn that.

Love & Peace


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