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What Does It Means To Dream Of A Dollar Being Handed To You?

I had went looking for his the other day and went passed a beauty supply store the manager took down my information and I left but he hasn’t called me back yet.

Later on that same day, I had dreamt the manager giving me a dollar and I was excited….

Does that mean I will get accept to that job ?

Asked by Melly

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One reply on “What Does It Means To Dream Of A Dollar Being Handed To You?”

Hi Melly,

We often have people in our dreams that we meet during daily life. Our minds store up everything we hear, see, smell, touch and feel (emotions) and replay them to us, particularly if we are focusing very hard on wanting something to happen. You wanted the job in the beauty supply store, so it might well have been the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep. In that case, dreaming about it is not unusual, and having the manager hand you a coin, which can symbolise wealth in our dreams, might mean you will be offered the job, but its more likely that that is what you are hoping for .. so that is what you created in your mind.

Good luck anyway. If its a job that you think you would enjoy, then I hope you get it and do very good work there.

Love & Peace