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What Does it Mean To Hear Random Music?

What does it mean when you randomly out of know where, hear a piano/ organ playing?

Asked by Andrea

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Thats happened to me also. Not always piano or organ music, but sometimes when Im really tired I hear music, sometimes music Im familiar with and sometimes music Ive never heard before.I have no idea why.

Hi Andrea,

Does it happen at the same time of day, or in the same location? Sound carries long distances on the wind .. surprising long distances, and you could just be hearing someone, somewhere, playing an organ. It also travels up and down pipes .. so someone in the basement could be making music, and the person in the 3rd storey flat gets annoyed (or enjoys) it.

Love & Peace

i usually cant go to sleep at night till maybe 2 am.And last night my daughter was sick in pain and i told her if she needed me to call me -i was in my restroom ,and heard her calling for me. it was nothing she was asleep. then i heard circus music like from the living room.i never heard before.

Hi Andrea

I had this a lot when we first moved into our bungalow 10 years ago. It sounded like an old wireless playing 1920’s music but, it was so distant I couldn’t make out the song.

Naturally, I blamed pipes, car radio’s outside and all other manner of things. The times I’d go outside when I heard it only for it to stop.

Then, one day, whilst mixing some music with my headphones on I heard it again through the ear piece – although I wasn’t actually playing anything at the time to listen to.

Other people also heard it at the house. It could happen any time of day, evening or night. There was no routine.

Our house is funny. The atmosphere always lifts when we play music – any kind of music. But, the place seems sad and almost ‘abandoned’ when no music is being played.

What I think, is that (as the site used to be a forge) the ground that the house now stands has absorbed the past into it’s walls. It’s not a ghost. It’s just a ‘re-run’ of past events.

The ground on which the house now stands must have had a better ‘energy’ to it, than it does now?

I wouldn’t worry about what you hear. Sometimes these things simply happen without any logical reason.


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