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What Can I Do About Spirits Taking Over My Life?

Spirits have taken over my life from the time I was 5 or 6 till now and I’m 40. It’s affecting my life and my 2 kids and my wife’s life! What to do?

Asked by Michael Kuriger

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Hi Michael

How are they ‘taking over’ exactly? Is it poltergeist activity? Bad vibes? More than one spirit? Does it/they feel threatening or intimidating? Are they disruptive? Friendly? Can you see it/them?

Please can you provide more details on how they are affecting you and your family so we can guage a better understanding of what, exactly, is going on?

Thanks Michael


Hi Michael,

I’m with AJ, we need more information before we can explain things or make suggestions.

Are they taking over your body, making you do things you don’t want to? Do you hear voices in your mind? Can you stop them from doing this if that what is happening?

Have you been diagnosed schizophrenic by a doctor?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra