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What Are The Fresno Nightcrawlers?

What Are The Fresno Nightcrawlers?

I have recently found out about these guys and I am a bit curious about them. What are your thoughts on them?

Asked by Micle

Here are some videos about the fresno Nightcrawlers that may be of interest. – CareTaker

Strange Alien Stick-like creatures caught on security camera above Fresno in Yosemite

Fresno Nightcrawler Aliens

Nightcrawler Caught on Video in Fresno

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Well, I really have no idea. If it was aliens I would have to wonder how they would function as living beings, being all legs and very little torso/head .. but anything is possible.

Thanks for sharing, Micle, have they been seen anywhere else in the world?

Nightcrawler seems like a very silly name, given they don’t crawl. 🙂

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Well it says on a wiki cryptid webpage that some Native Americans have seen that creature for years and that there are stone carvings of them. There are also wood carving photos online that look similar to these creatures. I was wondering maybe that these two legged creatures may be elemtentals. But why would an elemental want to be seen on tape?
The name Nightcrawler is the name of one of the X-Men characters so maybe that’s where they got the idea. Or they simply called it that because they appeared at night time.

Does anyone know what a silvery blue aura means?
Sorry been trying to look for definitions everywhere and I’ve asked a few people but no one seems to know

Where around the body, Starseedindi? The aura is made up of many colours, the location of each colour is equally important to what the colour is.

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I was told I had pink in the outsides, like a lining.
Filled with a silvery blue and a greenish-yellow with swirls and flow

I just learned about these creatures when i saw that video and it’s wholly captured my interest. I was wondering if anyone has more info about these extraterrestrial beings please tell me