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Weird Presence In Our New House

Hi good day. The thing is we just moved in to this Condominium and after a few days we start to notice some weird things happening.

The first incident was the balloon traveling around the house with the absence of wind. It goes in the room and goes to the other areas of the house, well we didn’t really payed much attention to it until the biggest that had happened occurred.

I was sleeping and I was having a nightmare and I struggled to wake up when suddenly my friends in the other room shouted in fear after they were shocked by the air conditioner that suddenly turned on. Their loud voices helped me to wake up.

Other incidents were there seems to be someone taking shower, well I thought my friend was taking a bath since we just came out from the pool. I waited till I saw him came in from our veranda. After we saw him we were shocked and then there the shower turned off. Certain things like the lights being turned on, my friends phone suddenly talked while it was turned off (using a language that is unfamiliar to us).

The constant events that happens is the knocking of the door (3 knocks) then 1 day we heard 3 knocks twice and we decided not to open the door. After not opening the door we heard a loud bang on the door liked someone kicked it.

We opened the door and no one was there. Not a single person in the corridor was seen. After that incident I went back to sleep and had a dream seeing a lady in black running towards the door trying to catch the closing door. When I successfully closed the door she screamed. Really creepy.

Can someone help us out on this and maybe give us an insight. Thank you

Asked by James

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Wow… That’s interesting. Just two days in and it’s already happening. It usually takes about a month or more before entities actually decide to do something. The getting to know you phase is a bit longer and drawn out.

The Michael Invocation at the bottom of this page should be used, read it over once then say it with authority and actually mean it. Have everyone who lives there say it.

Also, Ama should give you some guidance as to what entity you’re dealing with.