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The other night, while I was watching TV in my bedroom, after I went to bed. My husband got up to go to the bath room and I dozed off for a minute, when I woke up, I saw an image starting to form at the end of the bed.

About that time I heard the floor boards creak and saw my husband walking back to bed. He walked right through it and got back in bed. I didn’t mention anything to him, because I thought our nightly visitors were gone, since I have been reciting the Michael Invocation.

I wondered if he felt anything when he walked through it, because sometimes when I get up at night, I get zapped pretty hard and I feel like I’m walking through something. He has had his own experiences, but doesn’t like to talk about it, so I don’t talk about it to him anymore.

I’m waiting for him to mention something to me, because I’m starting to hear noises again like creaking floors and bumps against the walls. I think he hears them too, because he is restless and gets up a lot during the night.

Asked by Nancy

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Hi Nancy,

Is your house on a leyline, because that would explain the zapping and the ghosts continuing to appear, even after you clear the house with the Invocation. Are you using house shields?

Love & Peace

Ama, I don’t know what you mean about a leyline,but I live on a Desert, with a lot of Quartz rock.
I have tried to do the shields, but I don’t quite understand how to do it. I try to imagine the egg and the pyamid, but my mind doesn’t let me go there for some reason.
I am starting to think that my husband is the one that is being haunted and he is in denial.He did see enitys one time in the bedroom and when he told his family about it, they laughted at him and he has refused to talk about them since.
I was happy when he told me, because I had seen them too and I knew it wasn’t just my imagination that time.
I am beginning to think it is all in my imagination now and if I ignore everything they will go away. 🙂


Ama, I’m not sure what a leyline is?
I have tried the shield and I have invisioned it in my mind, but have trouble surrounding myself and home in it. I’ll keep trying.
I’m beginning to think these things are my imagination, because I seem to be the only one that sees them.
My husband did claim to see some enitys at one time, but has clamed up since. I think he is in denial. I was happy at the time, because I felt that I was alone and losing my mind. Now he doesn’t even want to discuss it! 🙁
Thanks for the reply!

Hi, sorry Nancy, I didn’t get back to this site yesterday.

It is not your imagination .. we both know ghosts and other entities exist. Some are dangerous, most are just irritating.

Leylines are earth energy lines – think of them like the veins that run through your body carrying your blood (which contains your life force energy) .. that same energy travels down lines all through the planet. If you build a house over a line, particularly a node, where two or more lines cross, you can be continuously haunted. It’s a pain in the butt, but house shields will help.

You don’t have to be able to ‘see’ a shield in your mind to create it. The ‘egg’, the personal shield, take an egg out of your fridge and just look at it. Decide it can grow to fill the room. DECIDE there’s a door on the side, and you can open the door and step in. Close the door. You are then inside the shield and you can put the egg back in the fridge, or cook it for breakfast. 🙂 Or lunch. I like fried egg and vegemite sandwiches.

The pyramid shield .. get a picture of an egyptian pyramid on your monitor and then DECIDE its made of glass and sitting over your house. Then decide that there’s a reflection of it under the house, and that the two of them are connected together at the base .. basically a big diamond with your house safely nestled in the middle. Again, you don’t have to ‘see’ this to make it real. “Energy follow thought” is a metaphysical concept .. in other words, what you ‘think’ is created by those thoughts (the buddha said “with our thoughts we create the world”).

So don’t try hard, just simply Decide it is there and it will be.

It doesn’t work because they we start doubting its there, so of course it disappears. And don’t do it over and over again ‘just in case’ .. once a day is enough. This over and over is another way of undermining shielding because we are doubting it is there.

BTW, quartz in the earth is another good way of creating portals for ghosts to come through .. and elementals .. but they are generally friendly, only mischievous.

Tell your husband to read our site, Nancy .. or the True ghost tales one .. we had so much discussion there.

Love & Peace

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