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Was This Something Paranormal?

Last week on a Sunday morning I was woken up to my neighbor’s car horn going off by itself, it wasn’t random honking, but a long blare like someone was laying on the horn without stopping.

After about twenty minutes the horn died out, shortly followed by my open mailbox lid slamming shut on it’s own. There was no wind or even a breeze of any kind.

Lastly the kitchen lights flickered for a second and after that nothing happened.

I am wondering what is the meaning of all this?

Asked by Sean

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Hello Sean,

Were you watching the mailbox when the lid slammed? Was there a slight earth tremor (we get them, I live next to a ‘dormant’ volcano). Where do you live? That can set off the security in a parked car, and slam the mailbox lid .. also make the lights flicker when the electricity station is affected.

They all sound like natural occurances, if a bit odd, to me.

Love & Peace

Suburbs and I am in Florida so there no volcanos near by at all nor where there any tremors. Second of all it wasn’t the car alarm it was the horn that just started blaring like someone was in there laying on it.

You didn’t say if you were watching the mailbox when it shut? Over here some horns do just blare when the security is activated. Did anyone go outside to check why the horn was sounding? And lights flickering once, could be a natural power fluctuation .. flickering oddly and often, responding to questions, could still be a fault, or it could be a ghost .. but its more likely to have an ordinary explanation.

Love & Peace