Was This a Demon Spirit?

I Woke up to earthquake no one else felt, claw scratches down face.

I am a little freaked out over what I experienced last night. I was asleep in my bed, my dog Jinx at the foot of the bed, and suddenly started by a loud noise (like a car crash) and the shaking of my single wide trailer. I believed it to be an earthquake at the time which was 2:36am. My dog was barking. I worried about my mother next door because she is very hung up on earthquakes and the “End Times.” I thought for sure she would be calling me, but she never did.

I got up, looked around and everything seemed to be fine. I’ll hear about it on the news in the morning right? Went back to bed and fell asleep. I would say about 30-40 minutes later, I had a quick flash of a friend’s Facebook profile pic and a text message saying “whoa! Are you alright?” and then I felt the most aggressive, powerful swipe across my face. It felt like a bear had just clawed my face into hamburger meat. I FELT IT. I put my hand to my face – I was bleeding.

I was scared to move for a bit, trying to figure out an explanation. When I looked in the mirror – 2 claw marks starting at the top of right eye, across cheek to my nose. My dog was not startled by this though unlike the “earthquake.” He was sound asleep. I was awake awhile. scared. Praying. Talking to my dad who I just lost not too long ago. I have had experiences before, but never demonic. Mine have always been positive connections to the other side for the most part. I go back and try to rest in my bed about 4am.

I have long closet mirrors and as I lay there I see what looks like 2 silhouette’s – basically featureless interior. One was a tall, dark shadow. The other was light I guess, I just saw a bright, shiny light beam from it. The light was trying to push the dark back. The dark very persistent on grabbing towards me, trying to move towards me. I felt like I was in a trance watching this. I don’t know how long I watched this? For a moment I thought the light was my dad and I called to him. I closed my eyes and said 3x’s “I rebuke you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” It went away.

I talked to my best friend this morning. she said she had nightmares of a demon in her home and after her the same night. she has never dreamed anything like it before in her life. She was scared.

What’s going on? Why is this happening to me?

Asked by Phoebe

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Hello Phoebe

I once bounced back into my body, after astral travelling, so hard that it felt as though I had broken into a million pieces, and only had one working arm to carefully gather all the ‘bits’ of me back together. I rang a friend who does massage and Reiki, and had her massage and Reiki me back together again. The nice part was it was 9.00am on a week day and the lady she had booked in had just cancelled on her. I took my shuddering self to her massage centre and was still shuddering for the rest of the day. Not fun.

There are entities out on the spiritual planes that do not like humans. They can follow us home, if we are not careful when we are out of our bodies. Sometimes we get caught between the power struggles in heaven and we get injured. Regardless of Revelation in the bible, this is not end times, these battles have been happening forever, and will continue forever .. in the meantime, those who are sensitive to the energy, as you are, need to learn to protect themselves. White Light Shields .. are good. You can do a search for them, if CT does not turn that into a link, and for me, and you’ll find two very useful ones. A house shield and a personal one.

Learn them and use them. It only takes a moment to make a difference.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
(demonologist – among many other things)

You’ll find a link to White Light Shields at the bottom of this page now, thank you CT,

Love & Peace