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Was It A Demon In The Photo?

My brother was in Prescott Arizona last week and entered a bar with his working buddy and each took a picture of the other in a casket that was standing up in the bar. When my brother posted the one of himself, his friends on Facebook went crazy telling him there is a demon next to him. It does look creepily likeĀ  a demon. Is there a place to send it to that can shed any light on this?

I can send the pic if you want.

Asked by Mary Ann

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Hi Mary Ann

I have to presume you mean the dark shadows over brother’s right shoulder (our left looking at the picture), which might look like eyes? The rest of the ‘face’ is not real. I made some adjustments to the photo to bring up the background more. The shapes appear to be created by whatever the casket is made of. Have you seen the other photo? It would be good to compare them.

In the meantime .. CT, I can’t work out how to load a photo .. could you load the one I put in the files please.

Love & Peace

Yes, I have seen the other photo and I did see maybe a knot in the wood where one eye appears to be. Thank you for the comment. We like that answer.

Blimey! A complete, grumpy face – actually in front of the brother, not behind him, and right up to camera. I can see the entire face – eyes, nose and mouth! It’s a middle middle-aged man who’s looking rather sad.

It’s either that the picture of the face has somehow been super-imposed on the brother’s picture – either by accident or design – or a ghost!


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