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Visions Of The Other Side?

The other day I was outside and I passed out on my friend. I seen a person maybe a little girl not sure the gender but we were in a big field and their back was turned toward me and they were a pretty good distance from me but I heard her or him say “we’re waiting”.

It was so clear like they were standing right beside me but before I could get to them I woke up and I was on the ground.

It didn’t scare me I was completely calm and paramedics couldn’t find out why I passed out.

What could this mean?

Asked by Chelsea

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Hi Chelsea,

I have three possibilities to explain the entity in your vision.

My first thought was if you have a brother or sister is spirit (heaven)? Were you part of twins?

You fainted. If you had died the paramedics would have noticed the symptoms, so it was not an NDE, but sometimes we our blood sugar drops unexpectedly, we can pass out .. so have you been checked for diabetes?

Otherwise, your spirit might have slipped out of your body while you were unconscious and your saw either a ghost or a spirit. Do you have any ‘feelings’ about what the person was waiting for?

Do you know if there’s any history of people going missing in that field? It could be a ghost, still waiting for someone to come and find them?

How old are you? What you could do is ask your angels to “go and ‘find’ that young person that you saw (describe him/her in some way) and ‘take’ him/her into healing”.

Make the request something like “Archangel Michael, please Find the person who said they were waiting when I fainted in the field on .. (whatever day) and Take them into healing”.

I use this sort of request all the time, to clear ghosts. You don’t have to believe in angels to have it work, you just have to hope it will, or want it to. It’s very effective. The important words are Find & Take. The find allows the angel to ‘see’ the ghost, even if it doesn’t want to be seen, and the ‘take’ allows the angel to put its hand on the ghost’s shoulder, and basically leave it there until they both cross into heaven. After that the spirit will be fine.

If it is a ghost, I wouldn’t want to be waiting for anyone forever.

And then it could be one of your spirit guides. If it is, the request to cross it over won’t make any difference .. and they have infinite patience, so the question arises ‘what are they waiting for?’ What does your gut feeling tell you about that question?

Love & Peace