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Visions And Vivid Dreams

Very frequently and randomly I get quick very detailed mental images? What are they?

I also have weird vivid dreams. Most are lucid. But thats not the weird part, the weird part are the messages I receive in these dreams and my feelings and thoughts at the time im in these lucid dreams. My most recent one was just last night, I was at my mums house and she was outside on the veranda while I was inside, then in the instant I entered the dream my mum started shouting out that the birds were being crazy, I instantly felt uneazy and frightened so I ran outside to see what she was talking about, I looked up to the sky and seen a sky full of birds flying in a huge oval shape across the sky, my mum then started to say that something dangerous was going to happen, right after she said that, right behind the birds, I seen the sun dropping out of the sky behind the clouds, I ran inside and told everyone to get in the car while I grabbed the keys and it instantly began to get very dark, but I awoke. Does this means anything?

I also had a crazy surreal lucid dream where I had a reoccurring voice in my head that repeatedly told me to ask questions as soon as I entered the dream. Long story short, my nan (in my dream) had told me that lucifer was coming later in that exact dream I was visited by a man in a black cape he had orange hair and a few missing teeth, I asked him for help and he told me I had to find it myself and that I was here for something.

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Hello Anonymous,

Give me some details of who you are and how old you are. It will make it easier to answer questions.

Quick, detailed, mental images of what?

Lucid dreams are ones where you can wander around in and change the outcomes ..

The bird dream says you are worried about something you cannot control. Either your subconscious mind, or your guides, are asking you to change and grow, and the process feels frightening. Truth is, its usually our egos that think things are frightening, until we do them and find out it wasn’t nearly as difficult as we thought .. and the world won’t end if we do it .. you see, you got the keys and were about to start the journey .. go for you .. go for it.

What did the man with the missing teeth do? Do you watch horror movies? Even the evening news can fill our minds with images that are played back to us during our dreams ..often in a muddle fashion. Doesn’t sound like something to worry about.

Love & Peace

I get quick mental images of people and places in a conscious state. But I have had a quick mental vision in the middle of a dream. Its like someone paused my dream to show me a picture of a middle aged man with light brown grey tinged hair, shrubble and these crazy yellow gold cat like eyes.

Just the other night I dreamt of driving a car and getting in a cop chase with my boyfriend in the passenger seat. We’d got away and then swapped seats because I told him I couldn’t get “caught again”. But in the dream we got caught anyways once we switched seats and drove off. When I woke up the next day I found out my uncle and his girlfriend had been in a cop chase, switched seats, got done and his gf took all the blame.

Lastnight I had a dream that I was at the bottom of a well with a little girl, I couldnt talk to her, its like I was a ghost. I had looked up the well and seen this loooong ladder to the top and I remember thinking up doeent she just climb up the ladder but she was terrified. I had then zoomed up out of the well and I was in a birds eye, third person perspective from that angle outside the well I seen 3 or so concrete trucks filling the well with concrete while the little girl was in there still alive.

Hello again,

I got woken up by a young boy, about nine, at the bottom of a lift shaft, who died of starvation. I think being covered by concrete is a horrible way to die. The boy was a ghost, he disturbed my ‘dream’ with his memory of death, and I woke up fast to find him beside me. I crossed him into heaven.

That is one many thousand people I have crossed over. In the .. it is 22 years .. since I really started doing this, there have been so many, either by myself, or part of ‘rescue circles’ (they were fun) that would help the lost find themselves, or whatever else they needed to cross into heaven.

For your little girl, bring her to mind again, get her out of that hole (in your imagination) , and ‘find’ for her whomever she needs to take her ‘home’. It works. Energy follows thought, and the angels know exactly what to do .. all they need is our permission to act. Try it and see. Each case will be different, trust what you feel, and you’ll find it very interesting. 🙂

Love & Peace

I thought you needed to actually say the words, or think them, with the “FIND” and “TAKE” words I mean, in order to cross over a ghost? Isn’t it a little more risky in just using your imagination to guide a ghost into heaven? Wouldn’t there be moments where you mess up a little or the ghosts try to attach themselves onto your energy?


Oh thank god. IV been searching everywhere to interpret. But nobody know what my situation would be considered. I would just like to find like many others-clarity. So like I had a time in my life ages 6-14 where I would have schitzophrenic episodes or call them what you wish. NOT FUNNY. NOT COOL. but I haven’t had it in years I am now 18. So like I know how hallucinations are and Iv had my fare share of drug use (hence why I have rehab 3 days a week:) and I have been clean AND sober for some time now so yea what I had was NOT at all the same. So the other night I woke up. I do t know the time or anything. And I know I was awake because I remember I drank the rest of my water next to my bed. And so I rolled over to go back to sleep but instead I looked at the walk to my right and started singing a song that I had NO clue what it was or where I heard it. And out of nowhere a little girl crept from under my bed. Laughed at me and I stretched out my arms and she gave me a hug and I wrapped my arms around her and covered her with my blanket. And like I literally felt her in my arms. Like I felt the difference between her skin and her cloths and I wrapped my blanket around get and I closed my eyes for a few seconds and opened them. But when I went to look at her my arms where like still in the shape of where they would be as if I were still holding her and the blanket still made a little space where she would be but there was like. Absolutely nothing there! Just like air. Like age was gone and I was like…oh my god. I have no idea what this is. My close friend says to me it may be a spirit/ghost just needing company. Or it may be me in a past life. Or my inner self coming to me for some companionship and relief because they know In my childhood I have went through,seen heard and even done a tremendously rediculouse amount of terrible things and have been through a lot of traumatic events. And it was just myself looking for reliefs in a caring embrace. But still. I do not understand? Please please PLEASE help?

I think there are some great answers and perspectives here!

Sadly the dream world is much clearer and active to me than waking reality.
So I humbly add the perspective of Osho (think you can find in the book of Secrets among other of his works).

When asked how one becomes lucid in a dream Osho states that there is a personal universe (dreams?) and a collective universe (WR?) but come from similar mental manifestations (poorly paraphrased).

It is his observation that the two are always actively there….and in tandem.

To KNOW when you are dreaming, you simply have to KNOW that reality is also a dream (tough..I’m trying that now. It’s given me flat out consciousness..not just lucidity, in bounds).

So, humbly, if you are like me and not always sensative/operational in the paranormal worldview, another way to percieve this is that dreaming is occuring at all times.
To me this means that psychic abilities could be paramount to how you interact in both Dreams….or realities. However you personally coin them. 🙂


You do when you ask the angels to cross people, Micle, but often I do the rescues myself, since I am well trained to do so .. and no, if your intention is clear, its not risky, because the ghost’s angel escorts the ghost, all you do is help the ghost cross by making (imagining) a safe place for them to cross to. Being safe is very important to most people, even after we are dead.

As to them trying to attach to your energy, they are already doing that .. so that’s nothing new. The quicker you get them ‘home’ the better. Once they are in heaven they let go, or just before that, so its more risky ‘not’ to help.

Love & Peace

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