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Unexpected Reaction To Paranormal Investigation

I participated in my first paranormal investigation last night at a historical hotel with a large mirror which is said to be a portal. I was intrigued with the idea, but admittedly a bit skeptical.

In the quiet of the late night, I stood near the mirror, and got a very heavy sensation in my chest. It was almost difficult to breathe. I then got very emotional, nearly to the point of tears, and I walked away. When I removed myself directly from the mirror, both sensations subsided. Each time I approached the mirror, the sensations returned, and many tears fell down my face.

I felt strongly that there was a sad little girl nearby, and was quite astounded at my reaction, and remain a little confused as to why I reacted in this manner.

Interestingly, when others in the group started trying to communication with another spirit, the feeling of the little girl left… and did not return the entire remainder of the evening. I even came back into the ballroom where the mirror was, in the wee hours of the morning, and sat quietly by the mirror, and got absolutely nothing.

I had no other reactions during the rest of the investigation.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much.

Asked by Sunshine

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Hello Sunshine,

Poor little girl! I wonder how often she stands at the mirror looking at herself and seeing herself as she died, or perhaps that is how she sees the living .. in the mirror. And then when the others started talking to another ghost, she might have gone to them to talk and not been seen, heard or sensed .. or she might have just gone away somewhere and hid in fear. You felt her emotions, sensed her presence (clairsentience), shared her pain (empathy), and perhaps how she died, although you didn’t understand what you were feeling (might be a heart attack, might be suffocation, could be many things) .. did you speak to her?

If you plan on going on more ghost tours learn how to protect your energy (the white light shields link at the bottom of the page has a description of a personal shield). Shields don’t stop us sensing ghosts the way you did, it just stops them from attaching to your energy and following you home. Ghosts feed on living human energy.

And if the place is close to you and/or you plan to return .. next time do this –

“Archangel Michael, please Find the girl I am sensing and Take her into healing”. The Find command allows the angel to go up to the girl and put its hand on her shoulder. The Take command means the angel stays with the ghost until they both cross into heaven.

You don’t have to believe in angels to make the request.

Love & Peace

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