Tormented By A Demon Am I Strong Enough To Bless Our Home?

Since the age of 16 I have had a demon hold me down (not only while trying to sleep but I can even be awake sitting on the couch watching a movie.) it also comes to me in my dreams. A few months back it pushed me off a mountain and as I was falling it stood at the top laughing at me, then I started having a seizure. It was so real. I’ve never had one before but I could feel the jerking of body and my tongue was going toward the back of my throat.

Well last night it came back but this time while holding me down it was breathing really hard in my face. My hair was moving, for some reason this time it was cold air (normally when it comes into the house my skin feels like its burning and when it touches me I feel as though I’m being electrified.) When I opened my eyes I was only able to see its little red eyes so for the most part I forced my eyes to stay closed when all of a sudden while I was praying to God to help me. My husband grabbed me freaking out asking if I was ok, turns out that somehow this time I was able to talk except my husband says it sounded as I was having to force the words out.. (I’m washed in the blood of Jesus Christ you cant have me) there was a huge burst of air and everything was back to normal except for my heart rate.

My question is if this demon has been tormenting me all these years do you think I’m strong enough to be doing a blessing on my own (with my husband of course) or should I at least study more about doing a blessing before trying? I don’t want to make things worse… please help me

Asked by Amy

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Hi Amy

Sorry to hear this. I’ve some questions for you, if you don’t mind,

1. Do you have seizures every time you get this vision?
2. Are you worrying about something, or feeling depressed etc at the times when this entity appears? In other words, do you have a specific state of mind at the point of the attacks?
3. What makes you so certain it is a demon? The Christian perception that everything other than the Holy Spirit must be demonic, perhaps?

In my esperience, demons are cunning critters who prefer to work from the shadows. They rarely put on displays like this, rather they work on your mind, twisting thought causing chaos and confusion etc.

First off, if it is demonic do not try to banish it yourself, its too dangerous. Best to get a trained exorcist in. Go to your local Church and ask for their help.

For most everything else, there are things you can do for yourself once you’ve identified what the critter is.

First off, try Ama’s Invocation It is not an exorcism rite so you won’t be putting yourself in any kind of spiritual danger by doing it. But it does clear your energy of ‘attachments’ of which, the entity you describe sounds like one.

Let us know how you get on


Hello Amy,

My first question is the same as AJ’s .. do you have seizures often? Have you been diagnosed with epilepsy? Do you experience sleep paralysis often as well?

Are you Christian? The church teaches that the head of each household, in their case the man unless there are no men in the household (although it appears they think a 13 year old boy is ‘man’ enough .. which I don’t agree with) .. has the authority from God to rid a house of negative entities. Personally, I am with AJ .. do the Michael Invocation first and in most cases that should settle things, but do it three times in all .. like this – first for yourself, then your husband can do it for himself, or you two can do it together, and then say it for your home. The instructions are on the page on how to change it slightly to do so. There’s also a link at the bottom of the Michael page that leads to an Invocation that is called ‘Heart of Fire’ that you could both say before the Michael one. They are both brief and useful.

Then, if things are not settled, you can consider other, more intense sorts of rituals .. or try and find a minister who will bless the house, or exorcise you, but make sure you are happy with the attitude of the person, and that they appear to really believe in God. Where demons are concerned, this can be important.

Are you strong enough to help yourself? I think so, but do you? It is about your spiritual strength, not your physical strength. A person with a good heart is wonderful. Do you trust yourself and God and think yourself worthy of God’s protection?

AJ .. what are the Psalms you used to protect yourself and rid yourself of the demon? I have them written down, but they are at your fingertips ..

Love & Peace

I feel very strongly that you need to get someone to help you. You may be strong enough to protect youself but just incase, find a paranormal group to find out what is really going on. I would recommend that you document everything that happens from now on. Like, Time, date,where it happens and the experience. This will help the group on how to deal with what they need to help you. Also get an evaluation on your physical and mental state, as this will also help in your case. I am not an expert but I do work in the field as an Paranormal Investigator. It is true that you need to say the Arch Angel Michaels pryer of protection and try and cleanse your home but the way you described your experiences, you need help!
Myrna CPI

hi, you can not rid spirits with rituals or chants. they are just another form of witchcraft. God does not work according to formulas or mantras. His Holy Spirit is the only thing that has the power to do what your needing, and the name of Jesus is the only name that has any power over the devil, or any agents of his.
Find a Holy Spirit filled church, ask about becoming a born again christian, read the new testament and you will have everything you need to protect yourself, your family and generations to come.

Theres a book by a man named Derek Prince. Its called “They shall expel demons” give that a read. It will open ur eyes a lot to the spirit world, and the authority you can have in Christ Jesus. Hope this helps Amy