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Time Slow Down Or Levitation?

When I was a little boy, I went to my godmother’s tree and I decided to hang from a branch on it. I jumped up, since it was too high for me to just grab, and I grabbed onto it. Then, I felt as if something was giving me the feeling and thought that I should listen to the advice it would tell me on how to let go of the branch and I did.

A blue bird flew onto the branch and I felt as if I was supposed to listen to the bird or that “gut feeling”. I did listen for a while and it told me to “let go of the branch” and so I did and, somehow, I started falling downwards very slowly. Everything around me was in slow motion and I felt this bubble around me.

The bird on the tree even looked like it was in slow motion. Then I didn’t listen to the guidance anymore and the moment I ignored the guidance, everything sped up back to normal and I fell down to the ground.

What could this have been? I have had many paranormal experiences, but this is one of the earliest memories of something “different” happening.

Asked by Micle

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