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Through The Eyes Of Another Me

I am very grateful to be able to ask someone to try to explain what happened to me.
I am 32 years old and 6 months ago  I decided to leave my old life and  I move to capitol city to chase my dreams. from the moment that  I move there, maybe few day later deja vu started to happening to me on regular basis. Lets say 10 times a month. classic deja vu feeling, followed by familiarity. 10 days ago  I had a conversation with my girlfriend in my apartment.  I stood in front of the table explaining to her that 6 months ago  I started the journey to my dream life and  I dont plan to stop.  I remember that that moment  I really meant that.

In that split of the second  I had a hallucination  that last fraction of a second. Position on the couch where my girlfriend was sitting, there was another girl and there was different couch. Brown leather couch with that thing where you put your legs for rest when you sitting down. Somehow  I could not see or remember the face of that other girl, but  I know that was somebody else (not my real girlfriend) Everything else was very clear,  I can describe in detail that other couch and the clothes of that other girl.  I was pointing with my finger at her in that moment when that happened and even my finger was different but  I know it is mine. And also  I had feeling that that other girl is my girlfriend or someone very close.  I had a feeling like I’m looking through the eyes of another man who also are experiencing exactly the same situation and with exactly the same layout of the furniture in apartment only that everything is significantly different. Couch was different type and the girls clothes was very different. Like  I said, it only last for split of the second and  I could not remember everything.

I dont know is there some connection but last few years  I really work on my self spiritually and  I am trying to really live my life. Deja vu started to happening about at the same time when synchronicity started to happening. Every time when  I look at some number plates on the car in traffic there are the initials of my name. That was happening also on regular basis…..sometimes several times a day.
And last……please excuse my bad English.

Thanks a lot everybody and  I cant wait to hear what you have to tell me.
Best regards.

Asked by Igor

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Hello Igor,

I also experience dejavu, but constantly.

Dejavu can happen when you are in the same place as in a past life, or you see an event, emotion, or thought happen in a vision(whether the visions are as a daydream or “images”/video in your mind or outwardly with your physical eyes) or dream and then that vision or dream comes true and happens. Usually I get a feeling in my tummy region when this happens.

It’s completely normal and not a health issue, it’s not a part of an illness or sickness (as far as I know in my case).

It sounds like you had a vision(through the gift of clairvoyance) or a past life memory got triggered, not a hallucination.

If this concerns you though and interferes with your life negatively, you can go see a psychiatrist about this and see if medication can help, but from experience my own gifts are still here, it’s as if I am in a walking bubble of the paranormal :p

Maybe you have lived in the city before in a past life and you are learning life lessons or going through the karma of your past lives? There are past life regresionists and hypnotherapists that can help with these things if you feel overwhelmed or upset about the information coming at you.