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You often hear about spirits going to the light, but does the light shine all the time so lost spirits can find their way? Or does it only shine at the point of death?

Asked by Brian

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Hi Brian,

The Light is always there, for those who choose to see it. When we are alive we have free will, and we still have it after we die. Sometimes we are simply too stubborn, or too hurt, to see it. The Light becomes ‘all things to all people’. It is the radiance of Love.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hello Ama,
Long time no speak. It seemed this site was inactive for awhile.
Anyways, to the question.
I always thought that the light was guidance to heaven. Is that statement true? If so, what leads souls to Hades?
Reason I ask, people that have near death experience always say that they see a bright light. Even criminals say this too. Criminals that commit horrible acts of violent or crimes, why do they see the light too?

Hi Dark*Knight

We are all God’s children and all are welcomed back home. Yes, there are some detestable people in the world and, yes, I’m sure their acts have not gone unnoticed but, as God is all about unconditional love and forgiveness, He does not punish the wicked – it is the wicked that punish themselves by choosing to remain disconnected from God, even after death. As Ama said, “….are simply too stubborn, or too hurt, to see it.” and so their spirit remains connected to the earth (ghost) – a torchorous form of Hades, in itself. But they are only punishing themselves – God is not punishing them.


Hi DK,

Nice to see you again. 🙂 No, the site hasn’t been quiet, its not as busy as TGT .. maybe because we don’t have a ‘share your ghost story’ section to the site? Or Google hasn’t picked us up enough yet? I suppose if we all got into a good biblical argument folk might flock here .. but not today. LOL

What leads to hell? A quick slippery path? 🙂 The path to God is strewn with rocks? Have to wonder why. Does God really want us to stub our toes and break our bones when we do it? Doesn’t make sense to me.

AJ’s answer is very good, as usual. My answer is that ‘hell/hades’ is a home for demons, not humans, and humans don’t go there. In the meantime, Christians, being the great ‘creators’ (all of humanity is, as God wanted) have spend nearly two millenia imagining what ‘hell’ is like .. and you know the old saying ‘with our thoughts we create the world’ .. hence sometimes people see what they think is ‘hell’ in NDE’s, but really its just a part of the planes of heaven that the angels visit regularly, to pull folk out of. And then there are the bubbles of energy that people wrap around themselves, full of their bad memories and worst fears .. which can look like Hades too. I’ve seen a few of those when I’ve ‘rescued’ lost souls.

As AJ says, separation from God is a choice, and the greatest form of hell imaginable. We don’t have to be guided there, we do it to ourselves. It won’t happen automatically, if you don’t believe in God in this lifetime, because that also is a choice, when it happens its because we hate ourselves and think that we are unworthy of love and forgiveness, which is never true.

Karma wouldn’t exist, and prove itself, if God didn’t love us. It’s a chance for us to balance our bad behaviour against good behaviour. It’s a chance to change, if we need to, to get it ‘right’. Every person is called to Heaven, no matter what they do. We then sit in ‘judgement’ of ourselves, decide how to balance out what we did .. and come back down to earth to do it. A murderer can choose to become a victim and be murdered by their ‘victim’, or that ‘victim’ can forgive his/her murderer and break the pattern .. karma is complicated, as is free will.

God, the Light, Love, is there for everyone .. always has been, always will be .. even unto eternity.

Love & Peace

Hi 🙂

Umm…not too sure on how I would view the Light… I know that hell does enlarge its self as the soul of man grows wicked each day…according to the KJV… for the what ifs… playing devils advocate..No hell was not created for God’s creation.. but I can’t see my creator letting me do whatever and when I die welcome me in because of uncondtional love… I love my children.. but I do punish them for their wrong doing..and sometimes they learn from it and sometimes not… kids.. God help me lol… but if they choose to do it again.. they are punished… say IF a person keeps making the wrong choices over and over again.. knowing what they are doing.. where is the Light to help them into heaven.. I would think not.. and once in hell.. as going by KJV… are they to be plucked out and given another chance after they have done away with the free will that God gave them in the beginning?

Just a thought 🙂 … like button pushed lol