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The Girl From My Dreams

So I once dreamed about a girl which I belief to be my soulmate. I can not recall ever meeting her (yet?). The first time I dreamed about her I believe I was 10, then I dreamed about her a few more times. She seems to be aging at about the same rate I am and I can (vaguely) remember what she looks like.

During every dream we mostly stared at each other and it just felt right, like it was where I was supposed to be. (We never did more then kissing so I dont think it had anything to do with the funny parts down there.)

I’ve also read multiple stories about other people having a similar experience and people explaining it as : you just saw her face somewhere. Others actually claim to have found this special person (which I hope its true).

I wanted to know what you guys think about this, do you think it may be an actual reoccurring phenomena. If you have had this experience, please tell me.

I have been wondering for a long time that maybe it is a connection between me and the person, maybe she also dreamed about me. What are your thoughts on this?

Please excuse me for any errors, I’m actually Dutch.

Asked by Yarne

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I dreamt of a girl growing up. Took a while for me to realize that it was more the type of girl I wanted. She seemed sweet and intelligent.
Eventually it became a bit of a litmus test for actual relationships. Then I realized that it was just a dream girl. She could be a guide or she could be a dream object.
Right about the time I gave up believing that there could ever be someone like that in real life….one that just knew/accepted/loved me no matter what. Not to mentioned had some crazy telepathic link with me. Then I decided I was going to be a bachelor for the rest of my life and that was ok.
Then I met her.

For me, the girl was an anticipation for someone I would meet as soon as I was ready. And what I mean by “ready” is that I no longer cared. Because let’s face it: That was the “me” in the dream. Very relaxed and at peace (something I’m not usually in waking reality).

So you will mostly only get a biased response from me. I’m not saying it is a girl you are supposed to fall for. May be a good friend. Or a good guide (dream or soul). Or it could be a soulmate.

Sorry I can’t solidify that more for you, but that is your adventure. And I wish you well in it.

BTW: My wife is still in my dreams to this day. And we joke about it a lot there as well as in WR. 🙂

Hello Yarne,

Sometimes old friends (from past lives) become new friends (who you might meet in this lifetime) and sometimes we just meet them on the astral planes, which is where our spirits go when our bodies are sleeping. Enjoy the contact when it happens, its obviously not a problem. If you meet the lady in the waking world, be happy to know you already know her. If a relationship develops then, its a bonus .. because sometimes what happens in dream is the exact reverse of what happens in real life.

The dream might be prophetic (telling the future), but its just as likely to be both your spirits just meeting ‘in the dream’.

Love & Peace

Same boat here. lol
I had a dream about a boy several years ago. I was probably 10 as well that time. I didn’t know who he was, but he seemed all TOO familiar to me. Like I knew him from my deepest recesses but my rationality kept telling me that he was a stranger. Does that even make sense. lol And yes, I vaguely remember his facial features. But I did remember that he was blond, white and tall.
It was nighttime and he took me somewhere that resembled a coliseum or a roofless planetarium. And we just gazed at the stars.
It’s funny, we never said a single word to one another. But we understood each other completely. It wasn’t telepathic or whatnot, we just understood for some reason.
He wrapped me in his arms and we just stayed like that for like the longest possible time, and I didn’t mind either. Till it was finally time to say goodbye. No words or anything.We just sat there looking at each other. He kissed my forehead. And then I woke up 🙁
And still no luck finding him. Or dreaming of him again.
With my past relationships, it was always me with my heart racing, anxiety, blah.. But with this guy, I was just relaxed, calm, and I felt safe and secure.