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The First Ghost I Ever Saw

I can remember an old tramp’s face at the window of my bedroom. The problem was, right outside my window was a rather long wide pond (right up next to the house) that my mother had put there many years before. I was about eight years old at the time, and I Knew no one could be standing close enough to the window to have their face appear the way it did, and then duck down. I got into the habit of closing my curtains before nightfall, just so I wouldn’t have to see whomever was looking in.

The first time it happened I told my parents (the next morning) and mum and I went and looked, but there was no sign of an intruder, and no easy way to get to that side of the house, because the whole area was bushy and overgrown.

What is your first memory of being haunted by ‘something’ or ‘someone’?

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The only ghost I have ever seen was when I was in my mid 30’s. My dad had just died, and my wife and I had to go to another town to the funeral. We were staying with some relatives, and in the night I woke up and saw my grandmother, my dad’s mother, sitting in a chair at the foot of the bed. She had died some years earlier. I always thought she came to let me know that Dad was fine, and in a better place. Ive had a couple strange unexplainable experiences in my life, but that was the only ghost I have ever seen.

i haven’t seen one till now, but i have felt them, and recently i guess i was haunted! i was in kitchen and my mom in her room when we heard the main door open and footsteps climbing the stairs. we both thought it was dad coming home from office but it wasn’t anybody!! and i think about 20 mins. later to the event, i turned away to go to the bathroom from kitchen, and the moment i did so, the utensils standing vertically on its stand fell vertically causing a big noise, it fell just by itself…though i wasn’t scared a bit and there wasn’t any anxious, cold or feeling of being watched, it was still creepy!

Hey Everyone!! 😀
Throughout most of my life, my experiences have been auditory. (claraudient)I had a strange voice call my name when I was 5 years old.(more than likely a spirit guide,) and experienced poltergeist activity as a teenager, but the very first visualization was a few years ago, in one of the apartments(flats) I lived in and it was the ghost of a white cat. The first person to see this cat, though, was my daughter who was two at the time. She would say to me, “Mama, kitty’s walking!!” “Kitty’s walking!!” We didn’t have any pets. She would say this to me, and I would see nothing in the room. She was never frightened by the cat, just amused, but it spooked me out a bit. She was too little to know how to lie or tell stories, but it was still a bit fantastic to believe, until one night, I saw the cat for myself! It was about two in the morning and I was unable to sleep. I was sitting at my kitchen table and saw the back end of a white cat pass through the threshold of my doorway! I was astonished! I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! What my daughter was saying was true!! An important tidbit here; my daughter often confused the colors black and white, but knew the other colors well at age two. When I asked her to describe the cat to me, she said that it was a “black” cat! Hmmm????? And that is my story of the first ghost that I saw!!!!

Hi all

My first ghostly experience weren’t actually ghosts at all. Rather, they were both things I had created myself.

I was about 4 or 5 at the time it started, and these two ‘friends’ were both older versions of me. I played with them, just as kids play with their imaginary friends.

Thing is, these weren’t imaginary in the true sense of the word because, as soon as I found out, when I was about 7, that my mum had had 2 miscarriages between my sister and me (there is 6 1/2 years between us) the two older versions of me ceased to be.

In short, these were daemonic doublegangers. They were a part of me, my subconscious if you like, telling me how I got to be here in my time, rather than either of theirs. But, all three were obviously of the same ‘spirit’ or ‘soul’ or ‘energy’ (however you’d prefer to describe it). Fascinating! Took me years to fathom it all out though – hahaha!


my first experience was, as usual, not from the sense of sight but of touch. my step-grandfather had died in 1977 when i was nearly 17 years old. i was sleeping in his bed and i felt someone pulling on my legs. a couple of times this went on. when i told my mom and grandmother, they just blew it off. when my grandmother died, she didn’t touch me; she made things happen one night in order to save my life.

I saw a figure standing at my front door when i was living with my brother, i was driving my car home, and from the street i was driving on you could see all around the house because it was on a corner, the other side and the back were fenced in and a big dog in the yard, i continued to see the woman, and waved to her because i thought it might have been my brothers fiancee, i turned into the drive and saw her turn towards the front door, she did not leave any other way, when i got into the house i said to my brother, where is judith, he said judes not home, i went white and told him what i saw, we both searched the house and there was no one else there, she was like a person, not see through or anything, she looked solid

My ghostly experiences have almost always just been me hearing something, or being touched by something. When I was little, I used to think I saw a young man out of the corner of my eye, and sometimes I would think I heard someone say my name. I’ve seen several shadow people, and I think maybe two that were full-bodied.