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The Black Cat

Sometimes I see a big black cat and sometimes I see only it’s shadow. In the corner of my eye I see movement and then when I turn I catch a glimpse of a large black cat before it disappears in to thin air.

In the small amount of time I get to see it I see that it has no eyes.

Black Cat

One of my other experiences seeing this cat is when I was sitting in the lounge room and I saw the tail and legs of a large dark cat walking in to my room.

I knew it wasn’t any of my cat because my cat was sitting on my lap.

I have no idea of the cat’s intentions or why it is in my house.

I am looking to see if anyone knows of a book or internet article that might give me some clues and/or answers or maybe even a similar experience.

Asked by Samantha

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Hi Samantha,

My husband watched a warthog walk through our study the other night – or the shadow of one. We live in Australia. We don’t have warthogs there, that I know of, and certainly not transparent ones. I just go with the flow. I know he’s not hallucinating, so I don’t worry about it. They just pass through.

The cat you see might simply be the ghost of one who lived in the house, that was blind, or blinded before it died. You don’t mention any creepy feelings before it comes, or temperatures rising or dropping, which are signs of ghosts and negative energy .. so it might simply be visiting. I wouldn’t worry about it since it doesn’t seem to be doing any harm.

Love & Peace

Samantha,I saw a black cat walk through my front door into my living room,not too long ago. I was sitting in my chair reading and I was fully awake. I was looking over the top of my glasses at it and my friend said, “What are you looking at?”I said a black cat! It disappeared when I said that. He said, “He never saw it!”

I had a grey colored ghost cat once stay on top of my head, which was very odd to me but it did that. I called it’s attention after I noticed it walking around my neighbors house and it started making itself comfortable on top of my head. I asked my friend if I had a ghost around me, and she checked and told me that she saw some sort of grey cat around me when she checked. I don’t know exactly how she checked, she wasn’t physically with me, but I knew that my intuition was correct, I had a ghost cat on me.
I lured it out by throwing imaginary toy rats at it and eventually it went away.

Maybe your cat will go away after you ignore it for a while.

We had a neighborhood black and white cat next door to us. I found out after I moved in, that it didn’t belong to anyone. He was named Sylvester, because of his markings. When the next door neighbors moved away, he just wandered from house to house and everyone fed him. He was around at least 15 years that I know of.
One day he just disappeared and we thought that he must have wandered off and died somewhere of old age.
The cat that came into my living room looked like Sylvester, but I could see through him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nancy, you have some very interesting experiences. ๐Ÿ™‚ My first experience, that I remember from childhood, was with a cat in a graveyard .. it wasn’t my first literal experience, just the one that stays in my mind. I patted it while the other kids wondered what I was doing talking to something that was wrapping itself around my ankles. LOL

Love & Peace

I don’t remember anything from my childhood. All my experiences started about 15 years ago. In the beginning I thought I was going mad, because it started right after my late husband died.
I asked him to give me a sign that he was okay. After that it was just one thing after the other. In the beginning it scared me, because I thought I might have opened a portal. Now I’m more at ease, because I have used the Michael Invocation and the white shields. I wish sometimes that I could communicate with the dead, but afraid to go there. My friend has had some of his own experiences, but he is in denial and doesn’t want to talk about it, so I don’t discuss it with him anymore.
Sorry for the long story, but I always enjoy talking about it and happy to see that other people have had some of the same experiences.

On 2016 October 16th, at 04h30 am, while getting up to ready for myself for work, I saw a shadow of a cat’s tail when I used my cellphone’s screen, to light the living room. I thought it was our neighbor’s cat that came to okay with my cat. But when I switch on the light of our living room, looking for the cat that mysteriously dissappeared behind the lounge, and saw my own sleeping on the lounge. I first thought that I imagined it, but the shadow figure had a moving tail that looked like, it was trying to hide away behind the lounge when my cellular phone light passed the darkness. I have told my wife and parents, but they don’t believe me.

Hi Cyril,

When I was a child, about 9, I patted a cat that only I saw. I was playing in a graveyard with some of my friends at the time. It never occurred to me that the cat was invisible to them, as it wound its way around my legs and purred. Even the spirits of cats like to be noticed and patted, at times, given I’ve had … how many … that was the first, then there was Ophelia, then there was Lucy, then there was Cinnamon, and then there was Meg, that both Gus and I saw .. and just to be different .. then there was Gus, the corgi-x, who was still sleeping with his head on my foot (I could feel it), three weeks after we buried him in the orchard. My husband and I often heard him snoring in his spot under my desk, or making himself comfortable on the dog bed in our bedroom when we went to bed at night.

You saw what you saw. I am sorry your family didn’t see it, but it doesn’t make the experience less real.

Love & Peace

I had a weird experience a few hours ago. I awoke from a nap at 8:30 in the evening. It was pitch dark in the room except for the green light of my electric blanket controller on my night stand. I didn’t want to wake up from a dream in which I was young, strong, and healthy. I’m not old, but Ive been in poor health for several years and sometimes I forget what being healthy felt like. So this dream was something to relish. I lay on my left side with the faint light coming from behind me. My eyes adjusted to the blackness as I stared at the dark wall five feet in front of me.
I have 2 young cats, so when I saw the shadow of a cat’s movement on the wall in front of me, I assumed that I had forgotten to close my bedroom door. This woke me up completely as I tensed, waiting to be pounced upon. The shadows shape was similar to my 11 month old male, so I called his name. No purring, no pouncing… Nothing. I watched the shadow pace back and forth for several minutes. Since I was comfortable, I just laid there and watched the shadow-cat move around. The longer I watched, the more the details didn’t look right. The legs were too long to be my female cat, but the body was too muscular and thick to be my Siamese-mix male. The whole form was too large to be a house cat at all. That’s NOT my cat and there can’t be another animal in the house.
That’s when the fear set in. I twisted around to steal a glance behind me, in the faint green controller glow, everything is normal, I’m alone. Rolling back toward the wall, I see the shadow of the cat leap onto the shadow of my arm. I don’t hear or feel anything – but I lift my arm slightly and watch (with fascination) my shadow moves as expected and the shadow of a cat responds by moving to stay balanced “on” the shadow of my arm! I am completely and totally awake and I have been for quite some time. My mind knows that I can’t be seeing this… But I am seeing it.
Now I’m afraid to take my eyes off it. I lay there on my side watching as this shadow sits on me. Cleans itself. Walks back and forth and finally lays down on my upper arm, with its head over my shoulder.
Judging by the direction of the shadow of two upright ears, I think the shadow-thing must be looking straight out from the wall. Its watching me- watching it. I look at the empty space above my shoulder…and then at shadow of me with THAT sitting on top of me.
I’m almost in shock at this point… I’m so stunned. I finally choke out, “What ARE you?” As if in response, the black silhouette suddenly produces cats eyes that glint for a split second in the faint green light… They blink once… And disappear.
That was it for me! I was up out of that bed in a flash, lights on and I’m limping for the door as fast as I can make it. I slam the door behind me, get out in to the hall, close that door behind me, and my two cats come running up the stairs to greet me.
So I’ve spent the last few hours trying to figure out what the heck that was. I’ve never had a cat before my current two, so it cant be a ghost of a prior pet. I have had many paranormal experiences in my life, but the last few years have been mundane. In the past, my only experiences of “shadows” were of the terrifying variety that you feel enter the room before you see them, and those things never happened in isolation. They were always part of a more prolonged paranormal episode.

This was definitely nothing like that, it was just so… Weird.

Thank you for tolerating the lengthy post. I needed to get it out and tell somebody.

I am 11 years old plz help me.I have abay sis and I thought she was crying so I woke up at 1:00 am. I heard loud crying noises outside my house so my grandmothers bathroom is closer so I can hear evrything i heard CATS.As soon as I heard that I looked at the window and saw the Eye of a cat.I was scared because I have a pet bird and he is an australian bugerigar (budgie).Am I crazy?

Hi Fatima,

Was it full moon? Cats like to play under the moon, and argue, which is why they get so noise. They are a pain, and given the opportunity, they might try and grab your pet bird, but if they can’t get into the house you don’t need to worry.

Love & Peace

Today a black shadowy cat has been running around my room and it keeps scaring me because Iโ€™ll close a door and see it run away out of the corner of my eye? Why????? How do I get rid of it???

Also, I donโ€™t think it would be a past spirit as this house has never been lived in before, it was just built

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