Strange Creatures

Do Werewolves Exist?

Throughout my life I’ve always wondered if they exist. I probably sound really dumb asking a question like this, but a few friends of mine claim that they are lycanthropes, or can turn into a wolf, saying it also runs through their blood.

My good friend wants to become one so she does spells, like some she found on the internet.

She wants to become one, but I’m not sure if it’s possible or if they even exist.

What are they exactly?

Asked by Sora

Werewolf Hunting  source –

Werewolf Attack Woodcut By Lucas Cranach the Elder – Gotha, Herzogliches Museum (Landesmuseum), Public Domain,


Dreams and Sleep

Do Werewolves Only Appear During The Full Moon?

Hi everyone.

I was lucid dreaming the other night and, during that ‘dream’ I met with a witch and a man claiming to be a werewolf. The man started to transfigure before my eyes to which I shouted “hang on, the full moon was last week! How can you change into a werewolf?” To which he replied “Oh! We don’t need the full-moon, that is a myth. We can change at any time.”

So my question is, do those ‘cursed’ require the full moon to turn into a werewolf, or is that just a myth?

Asked by A. J. Ryder