Death and Life

Voodoo Death Paranormal House Experiences – Could They All Be Related?

Hello, I would like to share with you a real incident that my mother had many years ago.

My mother is from Greece but she lived in Nigeria, Africa for three years with her ex-husband. They had A LOT of money because of her husband’s ( Stelios )  job and as a result they had MANY enemies there.

It is said that Juju or black magic used to be very potent in Nigeria and my mother had seen herself many places where magic was performed. One day, when my mother went to her husband’s car, she found some hairs of his, hidden inside a peace of silver foil under his seat. At that time, she didn’t give any attention to it.

After a small period of time her brother ( Theodosis ) died after an accident he had with his motorcycle. The strange thing about it is that he died on Stelios’ name day!

My mother, the same day came back to Greece to see her brother for the last time. The next day ( a day before his funeral I think ) the doorbell of our apartment rang and it was a little girl 5-6 years old with long blonde hair, saying that she was lost and that she needed help. My mother agreed to help so she drove the girl back to her house ( the girl told her the address). The really creepy coincidence was that the little girl’s house was right across the house of Theodosis’ best friend! The girl’s house was inside a big plot full of trees and it was hard to be distinguished. My mother wanted to go with her until the door to make sure that she’ll be ok but she wouldn’t let her. She was finding excuses like ”we have dogs” or ”my mother will get ungry” in order not to let her go with her. After a few months my mother learned that that house was abandoned for many years.

Another strange think I forgot to mention is that we live in a flat in the third floor of a block so why did the little girl come up there and did not rang anyone else’s doorbell first? ( we have 5 more apartments below us, it is unlikely that no one else was there ). In addition to that, as any other block of flats, our has a main door that is always locked and you can not open it unless you have the key or someone else opens to you.

I really need your ideas on what that thing could be. Could it be caused by voodoo? Was the girl a ghost? A demon? My uncle’s soul? Since then my mother experiences many creepy things like strange dreams with her brother, butterflies in the house appearing from nowhere, she feels that someone is with her everywhere she goes, my grandmother feels someone touches her in the back when no one else is home, and MANY MANY other things! The last few years all these are weakened but I feel that something is still there! any ideas?

Thank you and excuse me for my bad English writing!

Asked by Ifigeneia