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The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke

Why am I the only one in my family that can smell the cigarette smoke in the house?

It makes so sick on my stomach.

Sometimes I get really hot and smell is very strong.

Asked by Renee


Burning Tobacco?

I Smell Cigarette Smoke What Does It Mean?

Cigarette Smoke

Smelling Cigarette Smoke But No One Else Smells It

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Cigarette Smoke

I’m very connected person I have a gift of the paranormal. Sometimes I’m woken up by smell of cigarettes been blown in my face so strong I wake up choking.

My 2 nan are passed on. I can’t imagine they do this to me.

Should I be worried?

Many thanks if u can help my question. Love and light.

Asked by Tracey

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Spiritual Ghostly Smells On A Victim Of A Male Stalker

I’m stalked by a neighbor, a curious nasty cruel tiny man, who has the presence of a ghost,but is alive the size of a small child, with a glass eye, who chain smokes outside my home and follows me when I go outside.He is like a shell of a ghost and there is the blackest void of darkness all round him.

It’s creepy, the effect is not nice,I experience patches of smoke smells in my breathing and I don’t smoke or my right hand smells very strongly of smoke. I felt a reaction from him to harm me and once he told me he liked to harm people and put them in pain.

I had an eye injury after meeting him and am nursed to prevent losing an eye myself, similar to him. When I feel the presence of smoke or being drained I look and see he’s standing outside my building smoking. He seems to get fun by following me,but he’s ruining my life and I sense spiritual and physical danger from it.

When I use prayer or cleansing methods it gets worse and doesn’t seem to work. I have no energy now, I’m uncertain and I get sick and experience all manor of bad luck since I moved here. I want to leave, but am thwarted and feel prevented.

Asked by lydia

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Smelling Cigarette Smoke But No One Else Smells It

On and off for over a year now I have been smelling cigarette smoke. But no one else can smell it. None of my family or friends smoke, and I’ve not been around smokers. I smell it where ever I go, anywhere in my house, at the shops, in the street. At times it gets very annoying as its constant and I don’t like smoking or being around smoke.

My nan passed away 15 years ago when I was 14 and we were close. She was a smoker. I’ve always liked to think that she is around me and looking out for me and my children.

Could this be spiritual? I don’t know what else to think or what it could be. I can smell it now as if someone is next to me who has been smoking, its quite strong, so far this time I’ve been smelling it for around 3 or 4 days. Last time it lasted probably 2 to 3 weeks.

Anything anyone can tell me or help with will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Amy

Asked by Amy

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The Semi-skeptic Is Back

So, I asked a question here a while back that was kind of resolved (I Wonder If I Am Going Crazy) I’ve taken to keeping places well lit, even at night, and the mirrors covered (even at my most current residence). I felt almost normal for a little while, and that was that for several months, and now here I am again.

I’ve been staying with my grand-parents for the last couple months to take some space from my house and family, and it’s the break that brought my attention to some things.

I’ve been feeling uncomfortable again (that never really went away- not for more than a week or so at a time). That creepy, almost nauseous feeling, like there’s someone else in the house with me (even when I’m alone)? It’s not so concentrated though. It used to feel more like another person (especially back home), but here and now it’s kind of vague, and goes away when other people are around. Recently, since I’ve been at my grand-parents’, I’ve heard the faint whispering sounds again and for a second last night I thought I heard singing. I’ve also been smelling cigarette smoke, even though no one in the house has ever smoked.

This has been going on since earlier this summer- I first smelled it in my bedroom, even though I’d been living there for more than half a year and hadn’t smelled smoke like that before. It happened more around the house (just a few times, I think), and now it’s happened at my grand-parents’. I only recently began to really think about it, and figured that maybe it could just be in my head, or it was me in a not-crazy way, or maybe it was my books.

I collect old books (at least 70 years old), and I brought a few of them with me from my home, and have acquired several more since here. I was thinking maybe those are part of why the little peculiarities haven’t stopped (and seem to have followed me 2,000 miles across the country). Just the whole ‘I like weird old things, weird old things must like me’ reasoning. Especially since I may have bought one of said books around the time the smokey scent started.

But I really don’t know, so that’s why I’m asking for outside opinions (again). I guess the question’s really just ‘Why am I experiencing this, why won’t it go away, why did it follow me, and why am I suddenly starting to smell things?’

Asked by M. Warfield

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Smell Of Cigarette

I was lying in bed and all at once I had a strong smell of cigarette. The scent was Salem and only one person I remember who used to smoke that kind was my old high school sweetheart father who have passed many many years ago.

Then all I remember myself telling him I will not walk away from him my high school sweet heart have cross path with each other last years after 32 years and its now one year that we been back into each other life but at time he do stupid things that hurts me and I just want to walk away from him.

I feel I had this and it was a sign from his father please help me I know how these things work I just would like to know what was the meaning of it. Thanks

Asked by donna