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Girl In A White Gown And Sad Violin Music On The Radio

My name is Mike. Im 18 years old and ever since I was 10 my friends and I have been having strange happenings. It started as just hearing whispers and seeing things out of the corner of our eyes. We didnt think anything of this.

One day when I was 12 my friend and I were in the woods by my house, exploring and just being kids. We were on our way out when I asked my freind if he wanted to race. We started running and I was in the lead. I looked back to him laughing when I caught a glimpse of something strange. I took a double take and saw a little girl, pale as snow in just an old white night gown. She looked scared and had long black hair that looked dirty and wet. I got scared instanly and took off as fast as I could.

When we got out of the woods, my friend told me he felt someone grab his arm as if they were begging for help. I told him what I saw and we both came to the agreement that this was no living person to be bare foot in the middle of the woods wearing only a night gown in the snow. We called her Tabitha because she looked at first like the girl Tabitha from the movie The Ring.

Later in the year we took another good friend of mine down to “investigate Tabitha,” we went down to the woods at dusk and started recording on my phone. We asked if there were spirits and if they could make themselve known. We then heard the three signs of happening dogs barking, then an ambulance. Then the dreaded scream in the distance. After that we were silent. After that there was a scream as loud as if someone screamed in my face. I dropped my phone in a puddle out of fear and ran. We went to the woods few times after that but it still haunts me.

I am 18 now and I just got home from the Air Force. As stupid as I was I went down the woods one last time and looked around. I didnt see or hear anything but I felt uneasy and ended up puking.

Later that night I was with the same two friends and we were driving home from the club. The clock struck three and the radio in his truck went from auxilary mode, where you can plug in a phone or an ipod to listen to music, to radio where we heard through white noise a violin playing a very depressing song and a voice wispering a chant. We instantly turned off the radio.

Later that night I was home laying with my dog in my basement when sudenly he jumped up with hair on end growling and barking in the doorway to another room. There was nothing there. What do I do? Am I haunted? Can someone please help me?

Asked by Mike

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Fast Speaking Voice In The Radio

I was trying to find a vacant room in town one night. Wasn’t having much luck, so I decided to call 411 on my UCONNECT to get a number for a hotel. After I dialed on my cell phone and was waiting for the directory service to come on my radio/UCONNECT, suddenly a man’s voice came on the radio and in a very desperate, angry and frightened voice, he started speaking so fast and in what sounded like Latin, that I couldn’t understand. No human person can speak that fast and that clear. I was too frightened to say anything.

To this day I have no clue what I heard that night in my truck. It went on for about a minute and the gone. Just like that

Asked by Lisa

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Why Do I Hear Radio And Static Disturbance?

I wake up to… a radio playing… the music is very faint… older music…  when there is not one. I awake to… static from a radio. I’m completely awake but as soon as I sit up in bed it disappears.

It has been going on for a few years. I even moved to a different home and now its more often.

Should I be concerned? Or why it continues?

Asked by Darci Miller