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Is This Obsession Or Something Else?

I worked at a place called Ashmore Estates. It was a dark place, and had a dark feeling about it. Just stepping inside made me uncomfortable, and I was terrified of it. I believe that there truly is something evil there. I worked there for one month before I was forced to move cross country.

Since I moved it’s been almost four years. To this day I can’t stop talking about Ashmore Estates; I can’t stop thinking about it. I still am afraid of the place. If I did go back I wouldn’t ever enter it alone. But for some reason, I want to go back. I can’t get the old brick building out of my head. Even the way it smells. I’m obsessed with it, and I want to go back so bad I can taste it, even though I should hardly remember it. I mean, I was only there for a month and it’s been four years!

I don’t understand why this place is entrenched so deeply in my memory, and why I’m so obsessed with it. Could something dark in this building be pulling me back? Am I just going insane?

Asked by Madyline