Why Do I Keep Seeing The Number 11?

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Why Do I Keep Seeing The Number 48?

I was wondering why I kept on seeing number 48 all the time. I kept on seeing that number ever since I moved in a house that is number 48 and the door says 48. I think I moved in that house since 2008 or 2009. It’s 2013 and I’m still seeing number 48 everywhere literally.

I moved in a different house since I think 2011 and the door number is 26, but in still seeing 48. When I had summer fair in school July 2013, I joined an activity called How many sweets in a jar, I put 480, then suddenly I won! The actual number was 472 sweets in the jar, I was the closest. I was shocked when my teacher told me I won.

So does number 48 bad luck or good luck? And when I press my circle button on my iPhone4, it comes like: 1:48, 2:48, 3:48, 4:48, 5:48, 6:48, 7:48, 8:48, 9:48, 10:48, 11:48 and 12:48.

Sometimes I see the other way around which is number 84, but I still mostly 48 than 84. What does 48/84 really mean? Please answer my question, I really need to know. Thanks for reading this message!

Asked by Laika O.

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Question About Number Synchronicity

I started to see 11.11 every day at the start of the year and done some research into it because I knew it wasn’t a coincidence.

At the same time I was in a job that I really hated and was not happy at all. After reading stories about the meaning of this I knew then that this was a sign for me to get out and find a new job and which I did and now I feel that I am on the right track. But ever since I started seeing 11.11 which I rarely see now I have been seeing other numbers like (12.12 13.13) etc. every day and everywhere I look.

I have been searching the internet to see what this means and can not find anything. It is getting quite frustrating now because I feel that my life is good at the minute.

If there is anything that someone knows about this I would be grateful if you could help me.

Asked by Mark