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Why Do I Have a Bruise After Lucid Dreaming?

i am not an expert when it comes to lucid dreaming, I have been able to catch myself dreaming and interact with my environment such as changing colors on the wall or continue to fly in the air when I feel like I’m falling. I can tell myself no this is my dream and I want to fly and will get back into the air.

I have had re-occurring dreams and have been able to change the dream around based on what I remember from last time. Recently, I was able to go back into a dream- I remember an empty bedroom and a blue light from the TV illuminating the room a little. I heard a voice yell HEY and I woke up scared. I told myself to go back and I DID- this time I tried not to move and just opened my eyes in the dream to look around. Then I felt a phone drop next to me and go off with lights and sounds and again I woke up. The third time I went back in and this time I heard the voice behind me say. “are you kidding me?” and I realized I was late for work. I have heard voices and seen shadows of people but never interacted. I just took on a watchful approach and left when I was scared.

One night – I remember a buzzing in the air getting louder and faster and then almost like an pulse I found myself dreaming and heard a women say “He’s in! I can hear him now!” Not being used to interacting with energies or spirits I was scared and woke up. This time I wanted to interact a little more and was able to catch myself dreaming again, except this time it was different. I couldn’t remember what my room looked like! I kept waking up in the dark in my old bedroom as a child when I would have nightmares a lot! I kept trying to bring myself back to my room but I couldn’t so I tried to wake up and was hit with sleep paralysis going in and out of my room and my old room if that makes sense?

I was finally able to pull free, I took a deep breath-envisioned a bright light around me and went back in. This time there were more shadowy figures ( I dont know if I cant see their face because I don’t want to or not ready for it yet?) They started talking to me and approaching me. I again became scared and tried to wake up but sleep paralysis made it difficult a second time. I was going in and out and could see snaps of shadows getting closer and one managed to grab me. I yelled and tried to pull as much as I could but couldn’t break free so I relaxed a bit to think and the next think I remember was feeling this hot powerful pulse build up inside me and I looked up at everyone and yelled LEAVE ME ALONE! They all disappeared and I woke up in my own bed.

I looked for things that belonged in my current room to assure myself like the carpet, the dresser, the tv etc. Long story short I now have a bruise where I was grabbed on my arm. It doesn’t resemble a hand more like a blotch of spots, that is tender to the touch.

I also want to say I don’t bruise easily which is why I am concerned. I have gotten hurt many times but never had the appearance of a bruise. What do you think this could be related to or am I attributing something to that place? I don’t remember running into anything and my partner mentioned I was tossing and turning more than usual but nothing out of the ordinary? Any guidance would be appreciated.

Asked by Miguel

Dreams and Sleep

Recurring Nightmare Wakes Me Up Screaming

I keep having a strange nightmare that I wake up violently screaming from, need answers.

So I’ve been having this dream since as long as I remember, which is from the age of 2 years, I’m now 15, but that’s not the weird part, the weird thing is that I wake up screaming and violently thrashing and shaking, its hard to actually pinpoint what the dream is about as it is very long, though I do find a key familiarity with each bit I remember, strange colossal entities/masses crushing into smaller things on a long black line, and a soft unknown female voice that I’ve never heard whispering something, I can never remember what she says. I know it’s not a lot to go on but that’s as much as I can actual decipher from the nightmare.

Asked by Christopher

Dreams and Sleep

Nightmares In A New Home

I recently moved to a new home in a new state. I’ve lived here for a month but over the last week and a half I’ve been in the master bedroom. Since moving into the master bedroom I haven’t been sleeping well.

I wake up about every 45 minutes and the second I’m asleep I start having the same dream about something dark whether that be a ghost or demonic presence but it attacks me in the dream, nightmare, whatever you call it. Since it happens every time I drift off I’m constantly tired but I don’t even want to sleep anymore.

What can I do about this? If anything? Should I be very concerned?

Asked by Courtney

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Nightmares And Paranormal Activity

I’ve been having nightmares every night for the past nine months. It started when I began noticing little things around me change. I lost my best friend to cancer three years ago last February, and last summer (around the time I started noticing things change), I decided to try and talk to him. I was desperate and needed to know he was there. I started talking to the air, meditating, practicing little spells I found online. I looked into white magic and mediums and psychics: anything, just so I could talk to David again. It was around that time that I started giving up on the light stuff and wanted to go deeper: I pulled out a Ouija board I had found in the attic a few years before and decided to settle this. I was going to talk to him.

Nothing seemed to happen when I did the ritual. I was by myself, yes, but I followed everything from greeting to ending the ouija board ritual to the T. I was let down, but I didn’t know what I expected. I started noticing little things change shortly after like lights flickering, cold spots in the room, the feeling of a presence, hearing small distinguishable sounds like footsteps/coughs/whispers, but never being able to pinpoint where they were coming from (as if they were coming from my own head). I thought it was him trying to talk to me. I was elated.

But then the nightmares started. Horrible, vivid nightmares of death, abandonment, blood, drowning, stabbing, cutting, screaming, murder, fear, helplessness, pain, suffering, hate. All of the terrible things in the world you can imagine, stuffed into night after night of waking up in a cold sweat, convincing myself it wasn’t real.

Besides the small things I notice during the day (e.g. shadows out of the corner of my eye, the sounds/presences/cold spots I was hearing and feeling, general paranoia, etc), the nightmares have been the worst and biggest indicator of them all. My religions teacher noticed something off about me when she saw the bags under my eyes, and gave me a pendent of the Virgin Mary to “protect me”. She had no idea what was going on, but I feel like she felt something. I knew she felt something around me, and from the minute I put the pendent on, I felt a heaviness in my chest. As if something in my body didn’t want any religious article on my person.

The nightmares are relentless and only get worse with time. The more I notice what’s going on, the more it happens. I’m frightened. Was it because of the ouija board? Did I bring something evil into my life? What is happening to me? Will the nightmares get worse? How do I stop this?

I feel as though I brought something into my life. Not necessarily from the Ouija board, but from somewhere. I don’t know. Something is around me, near me, in me, I don’t know. But it speaks to me through nightmares, subtle images out of the corner of my eye, paranoia, and my fears. I’m so afraid, and I think whatever is doing this to me thrives off of my fear. Someone please help me figure out what this is.

Asked by M Kathy


Bad Smelling Entity

Are horrible smelling entities regular spirits or the “D” word? Please help, I’m being terrorized by SOMETHING that feels negative! Horrific nightmares, scratches, nausea and fevers follow visits from the smell. I’ve armed myself with my rosary, holy water, prayers and even bought several Himalayan salt lamps.

Two nights ago it came in with a vengeance and as I was going through my ritual of flinging holy water and prayer this thing HOWLED!! I’m terrified!! I recently purchased white sage, the proper shell and feather to smudge my home (130yrs old), but I’m afraid of making things worse with my inexperience. The negativity in my usually peaceful, loving home and family is really taking it’s toll.

My husband, who recently verbally “told this thing off” is now being plagued with horrific, being drug to the depths of hell nightmares too, ones that I have a hard time waking him from, he was SCREAMING in his sleep and he was hard as a rock and stiff, needless to say, he believes me now!! I have so much more to tell you, but I’ll stop rambling for now as this is getting longer than just a question, for that, I apologize.

PLEASE HELP US, this is getting out of hand and also, let me just add this, that we were very interested in the paranormal at one time, going on ghost tours in the different cities we visited, going to cemeteries to take pictures etc… NEVER anything in our home, never a Ouija board, never palm readings etc….we collect antiques to fill this beautiful old house, but I didn’t recognize the smell as an entity right away so I can’t associate it with any particular item or life event. I initially thought the smell was something organic and I would find where and what it was, but now I KNOW it’s something else, please help!

Asked by Rebecca

Dreams and Sleep


Okay so my girlfriend has nightmares every night involving family friends anything and or any one  close to her. In my girlfriend’s nightmares there is always a man wearing a black hoodie with the hood pulled up and she can’t see his face. I am concerned that she is experiencing something paranormal.

I have been searching the web trying to find similar phenomena but the closest thing I found was a man wearing a long black trench coat the only problem with that is that the man in the trench coat isn’t in dreams he is a shadow man that is often seen around households.

Please help I am concerned for my girlfriends safety

Asked by Derick

Dreams and Sleep

What Were These Nightmares?

It all started when footprints mysteriously appeared in the kitchen floor of my significant other’s home – he also claimed that the coffee machine turned on by itself – that day his energy totally changed and he became very angry and complained about everything – we had a huge argument over something very insignificant – that night I had a series of nightmares that left me startled.

I usually forget dreams as soon as I wake up but this one I cannot get out of my mind – it’s been 3 days and I still remember every detail.

Before going to bed I had two candles lit by me – on top of my nightstand – I fell asleep around 12 ish – woke up around 2 AM and when I fell back asleep that’s when the nightmares began.

In my first dream I was laying in the same position in bed – it seemed so real I didn’t realize I was in a dream – my candles that were lit – were off – I could see the smoke coming out of the Tip – my boyfriend who is laying next to me is silent – I know he’s next to me but I can’t see him nor he could hear what I’m saying – I’m asking him if he turned off the candles – it seems my voice is being sucked into a black hole because I scream and yell and the sound doesn’t come up – that’s when I realized I was in a dream – I was petrified with fear – I look over to the mirror in our wall which also faces the kitchen and I see a figure coming my way – I look down to the floor and it’s full of house plants – dark green leaves everywhere – then I look up to the ceiling and see peoples faces in the sand with their eyes rolling back! and then this words appeared: “TRY ME”

At that time I was trying as hard as I could to wake up but couldn’t – I started praying and after a battle of trying to wake up and darkness taking over I was able to wake up.

It was 3:00 am on the dot when I woke up and looked at the night clock.

I was trying hard not to fall back asleep – but it happened.

My second nightmare is very faint in my mind – I just remember trying to wake up and something not letting me – it was horrible.

Asked by Emily

Dreams and Sleep

Unexplainable Nightmares

Tonight I’m just chilling at home..downloaded a good movie but I still haven’t looked at it since my attention is totally drawn to this interesting website..After reading a few stories I’m not hesitating to share mine and I’m hoping I’ll find an answer to it.

I’ve always been a girl who dreams a lot at night, I can even still remember some weird dreams from the past, and somewhere I read it was unusual to remember a dream for a too long. My dreams are amazingly realistic and usually follow a whole scenario, with my friends, family and myself involved in it.

Those dreams are definitely not nice, or at least don’t give me a good feeling. I try not to pay too much attention and believe that dreams are based on daily life impressions but there is this nightmare which scares me to death, especially the fact that it’s repetitive. It’s a challenge to describe it in English but even in my native language too. I think it occurs when I’m already sleeping deeply, so it’s not one of those short dreams people have when they’re falling asleep.. it comes later in my sleep. It’s like a dream in a dream-suddenly I can’t breath and in my dream I’m sure this is really happening (so for a minute I don’t realize it’s a dream) but at the same time it’s like I’m watching myself from above the bed, and I feel physical pain, something inexplicably scary goes all over my body-legs, stomach, breasts.. then I dream that I’m trying to wake up from it, trying real hard and then I (really) wake up all in cold sweat and strong heart beat. (so in my dream I’m putting efforts to escape the pain by waking up).

It’s so bad that I’m even scared to fall asleep again. But if this nightmare occurs it’s only once a night, not more (thank God!) I got it very, very often. And this is eating me.. cause at some point I’m thinking – when you dream you see images, you don’t really feel anything physically, am I right?

So in brief, in my nightmare I’m observing myself sleeping from above, then the pain comes (it actually resembles to the feeling you get underwater when you don’t have any air left) And I’m screaming to myself “It’s just a nightmare!!” and then for my surprise I REALLY wake up stressed out, sweaty. It is a dream in a dream? And it’s exactly the same every time.

I never had it before in my childhood or teenage years.. I’ve been like this for the last couple of months. I’m a joyful, young girl (22), absolutely love life and enjoy every day of it. But 2011 wasn’t very good to me.. My boyfriend who I really loved left me, my parents divorced, I failed in university, and had to quit.. All those things crushed me, and I dedicated myself to partying harder than ever, drinking more etc., trying to forget.. Frankly my life is now a mess. So anyone.. help?

What could my nightmares be, do you think they mean anything? Do you think there’s a reason for them? I know this site is for paranormal stories but to me my nightmare is extraordinary, and believe me if you’d been through this, you’d agree with me. Well,I guess I wrote a whole novel over here. Thank you in advance for your reply!

Greetings, G.

Asked by Gabriela