Is There a Demon in My Home?

I moved in a mobile home outside of Hinesville Georgia we had a roommate staying with us he and my son said there were ghosts in our home well I laughed at them then a couple months later my daughters bedroom door opened by itself she started getting scared. I laid in my bed talking to her then I saw this thing sitting on the floor with its legs bent its knees were by it’s head it had a long tongue and really long teeth. I was so scared I couldn’t move I got to the point I wouldn’t even go past my couch.

I wouldn’t go to the bathroom alone so I was home alone one day about 2 weeks later and decided I was going to take a nap. I woke up gasping for air I felt like I had fallen into my body. I laid there for a second and felt something tapping my shoulder there wasn’t anything there then I heard a growl across the room and there was the same demon sitting there staring at me with a long tongue long black hair his skin was grey he had black eyes and I really don’t know I was sitting there in fear but when my husband came home I heard the door open and when I looked back at the spot where this thing was at it was gone.

Can anyone tell me what this is or what it may mean? All I know is I’ve never been so scared in my life.

Asked by Angela