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Two Yellow Glowing Eyes An Evil Spirit?

This morning I was two glowing yellow eyes, almost that of a cat’s. My two cats opened my basement door (as the door is broken), I went to close it but saw the eyes near the bottom of the steps. I stared at it and it stared at me. I double checked to see my two cats are upstairs, and they were, so by this time I’m creeped out.

There’s no way a raccoon would’ve entered the basement as there’s no opening in the walls. I stared at it for approximately 3 minutes wondering what it was, and then it averted it’s eyes from me and disappeared.

Any ideas what it might’ve been? I hope it’s not an evil spirit.

Asked by Jack


Are Green Glowing Eyes Associated With Demons?

Are green glowing paranormal eyes associated with demons like red eyes?

Asked by Michael

General Questions

Why Are My Eyes Changing Color?

Ever since middle school my eyes have taken on two different shades of blue. My eyes will change shades depending on the weather and will sometimes glow. And I am always squinting when it’s sunny outside (this usually hurts).

Do you have any ideas what is going on?

Asked by Madison