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How To Get Rid Of Evil Spirit From Using EVP?

I have been using an EVP device and unknowingly been speaking with someone very evil, I need help.

I lost a loved one back on Christmas day of 2006 and have had a very difficult time with the loss. I carried on however, found a new love and even had a child with him.

In 2011 I heard about Crossovertalk, the ITC device on Skype that lets you speak with the dead. I used it many times and thought I was speaking with my late loved one. I recorded all of the sessions so that I could go back and try to understand what was being said better and they’ve just been sitting here on my PC all of these years. I stopped because it was hurting my husband when he felt that I was carrying on conversations with my deceased boyfriend.

About a week ago I saw a video on YouTube in regards to exactly how to use the software Audacity to hear your EVP’s better, I don’t even know what led me there but it sparked an interest to finally try to hear those old conversations better. It was amazing what I heard, all along at the time that I was hearing what I wanted to hear I was not actually speaking with who I thought.

I have recordings of someone repeatedly saying “This is Ryan (Last name)” who is my now husbands nephew who committed suicide 10 years ago at the young age of 15. He kept giving me loving advice in these recordings and how to get over the deceased loved one that I was asking to speak with the whole time, everything he said was very kind and I was shocked when I finally heard all of his messages to me 3 years later. So, stupid me goes and tries to find a way to talk to him again and thank him.

I found apps that are “ghost boxes and EVP devices” and I used them starting about a week ago and have been working on using Audacity to clear them up to hear them better as I cannot understand anything being said in “real time” so I record the sessions. I finally cleared them up really well yesterday and can hear a male telling me he is having sex with me when I sleep at night, that he wants to lick my —– (ugh!), that he will be waiting for me to die as he “highly doubts I will go straight to heaven and we can be together”. I heard so many disturbing things that really upset me.

I have always prayed to God, to Jesus, throughout the day and I try to stay close to God so I have prayed about this and asked for help in this. I went online searching for “how to get rid of Demons” and read about anointing your home (I luckily had anointing oil from a woman who gave me some years ago) and I used it throughout my home and doing what the website said. But I am scared, I felt like when I was anointing my house that there was a man following me around (I’ve always been able to sense spirit and where they are and see an outline).

I left my recorder on by accident and the Ghost Box wasn’t even running but I heard the same nasty things and him talking to me and telling me to stop asking for Ryan (the one I thought I was talking to) so that we can start talking to each other every day about “the bullsh– in life” and how he’s going to have his way with me and be with me forever and ever.

This is really upsetting, I feel so stupid, I am too curious for my own good and have dabbled into the paranormal and I feel like I have a demon following me and waiting for me to die, having his way with me when I sleep.

Sorry for the long question but I am so lost as to what to do, how to keep my family (I have a 3 year old baby boy) and I safe. I messed up and I need to fix this.

Please, if anyone can tell me how to fix this I would appreciate it more than you can imagine. Thank you for reading this!

Asked by 2Curious1

Ghosts And The Spirit World

What Is An EVP?

I am fairly new to reading about ghosts and the paranormal. Earlier this morning I read a story on another site and the person was talking about an EVP and a demon that was talking to him. I was like WHAT? IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?

Now I am real interested to know if EVPs are real and if so then what in the world are they and how would a regular person be able to make one?

Sorry if my question seems dumb. Before this morning I had never heard of EVP

Asked by Amanda

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It started with an EVP on my cell phone. Now the whispers are in my head calling my name over and over telling me to do things! I can’t sleep! Help!

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