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Haunted Dream Catcher?

For a while now, I’ve had this feeling that something was following me. And yeah- paranoia, almost everybody has experienced it, or have it. Not me though. Never.

Until the last couple of months though. It all started when I went over to my friends house, (like I do almost every weekend), but this time, it was different. When I came into her room, she and her father were holding an EXTREMELY large Dream Catcher. Don’t get me wrong- it’s absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I was very jealous that she got a hold of it for such a low price. But right off the bat, once I got past it odd beauty, it felt very…. I don’t know, negative? I didn’t like the feelings I was getting from it.

Needless to say, she set it up anyways, hanging on her wall right next to where I sleep when I’m over. Which was fine, okay, that’s cool. Well, that was until her father told us the reason it was so cheap.

Dream CatcherApparently, the owner’s husband wanted it out of the house for the longest time. His wife, an old, quiet woman, supposedly would see spirits IN the front center of the dream catcher. It would scare her husband all those years, where she’d pause to look into the thing for however long, and tell him what she saw and how terrifying it was.

By this moment in the story, I was like, yeah, okay. Sure. But, things started happening around their home. After all this time. There weren’t many details at all really, but he wanted it out. ASAP. So, there the thing was, hanging right next to my body while I tried to sleep.

The story ended, leaving us all spooked and just laughing it all off, not wanting to believe it, but we knew in the back of our heads something was up.

A couple weeks later, my friend starts telling me about this door that’s right outside her window, on the side of her house that leads underneath. It’s big enough for loads of people to be down there, which is pretty creepy. This door, which is pure metal, and VERY heavy, is always stuck shut by her dad, who checks it everyday. We tried pulling it open once, and it wouldn’t even budge.

So anyways, we’re relaxing in her room one night, drawing and listening to some quiet music, when suddenly we hear banging on the metal door. And when I say this door is basically right by her room, I seriously mean it. I could stick my hand out of the window, lean far down, and touch it.

So we’re pretty freaked, but we still stick our heads out  the window and look down. The door is closed, and all is quiet. So we shrug it off, thinking something must have it it or something (from the outside).

But I kid you not- we go to sit back down, and it happens again, but this time, it’s multiple bangs, and we run back to the window, and holy crap, the door is open, laying down towards the ground.

So what do we do? We go outside with kitchen knives.

We had no intentions of hurting anyone, or animal, it was just for protection in-case. So we rush outside, leaving the back door wide open behind us if we needed to bolt outta there, and we walk towards the little metal door- which is open and pitch black inside.

So, my friend shines the light at the whole, and I being the slightly braver one, kneel down and stick some of my body in through the door.

I look around. there is literally nothing in there. Not little animal feces, or marks on the ground on top of the dust to see if something had been walking around.

So we’re pretty freaked, but close it up, VERY tight. And set something in front of it so it wouldn’t fall open or anything.

We go to turn back, and all of a sudden, the back door, which we left OPEN, slams shut. So, generally, we slightly scream and, of course, run towards the door and into the house.

Moving along, we tell her parents in the morning and they fix up the door to stay closed.

I come back for a couple weeks, every weekend, and yeah, we always here pitter patter and banging, but the door never opened again. I always feel watched at her home and can’t be in a room alone for too long.. Anyways, it freaked us out, made chills go up our spines, but we just passed it off as some animal, even though we went down there and there were no signs of any animals.

It wasn’t until a couple weeks again that I finally lost my mind with this whole ordeal. Here we are, sitting on her bed again, but on out phone again, when suddenly we hear something loud and harsh slams against something outside, it even shook the bed.

We sprang up, already knowing it was the door, and looked out the window.

This door. the huge, heavy, metal door, was LITERALLY thrown across her yard, a good couple feet away, laying in the grass. So we grab, knives, even my friends prop machete, and run out there. But of course.

Nothing. Was. There.

So we’re screaming, calling her dad, (Who is a truck driver and was on his way home) and he tells us to go back in side and calm down, it was just some ‘animal’. Yeah, what freaking animal would literally football throw a metal door across your freaking yard, dude?

My friend, bless her none paranoid heart, believed him and went straight inside to bed. But me on the other hand, felt sick. Like, vomit sick for some reason. I walked around the room, feeling a little woozy, but also wide awake. I was definitely not going to sleep that night. Around six AM, I started getting extremely week out of NO WHERE. I was a calm, slight ball of energy. But my body started to feel tingly all over, and my limps fell stiff for a moment. I wasn’t sleepy, just…. weak. It only took a few moment’s, but suddenly I felt free again and bright awake. Like I was finally being able to breathe.

I call my mom an hour later to come pick me up. I tell her I don’t feel good and she buys it and I go home.

Ever since, I get the feeling that something is like, practically sitting on my shoulders. Breathing down my neck wherever I go. Even as I type this now, I feel just…. Not alone. In my own home. In my own body.

I’ve been paranoid lately and swear that sometimes, when it’s quiet, I can hear something…laughing. I don’t know how. Or why. But I can hear them. Or it. Or when I have headphones on, they’ll go static-y and I SWEAR the musician’s voice will change in pitch completely, scaring, (Pardon my language), shit outta me.

I don’t like listening to music anymore. Leaving my room. food just doesn’t sit right with me, and sometimes my body will do things on it’s own. Like move. Sometimes, I’ll be reading, and I swear the words change on me. I read one thing, see something crazy, go re-read it, and see that I read it wrong. But How? How do I read a whole sentence wrong? Maybe I’m worrying myself too much. I haven’t been sleeping well at all. Not even sleeping medications can keep me under for long. Do any of you have advice, or tips? Or, (I wish), answers?

All I know is, that I’m either crazy, paranoid and over-reacting, or I am NEVER purchasing a dream catcher. Ever.

Asked by Passion

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