Ghosts And The Spirit World

Is There Any Way That Some ‘Thing’ Followed Us From The Cemetery?

Me and my two friends decided to go to a cemetery to scare ourselves and just have some fun. We brought two walkie talkies. We placed it by a building with headstones on the walls. We turned the walkie talkie on and left it on the ground and walked away.

Keep in mind in order talk into the walkie talkie you have to press and hold the button on the side. There was static but we couldn’t make it out into a voice. We then noticed a tree with some Christmas ornaments hanging from it. There was a bunch of pictures hanging from the tree and below It there was two or three headstones. There was two pictures just swinging and twisting randomly. The other two pictures were just staying there.

We stopped the pictures from swinging and we sat the walkie talkie down, we walked away and got about ten feet away before we heard a blood wrenching scream in the walkie talkie. Then another voice of a man right after the scream ended. My friend walked towards the tree alone and the pictures started swinging like crazy. We walked together and grabbed the walkie talkie and ran home.

We were wondering if something could follow us since we live right across the street fro the cemetery.  Is there any way that something could have followed us?

Asked by Austin Fraser