Does Hell Truly Exist?

Hey all

So this may sound like a dumb question, but I have my reasons for asking this.

Dante’s Vision of Hell

Does hell truly exist?

My reason is this:

I’m not extremely familiar with the bible but I know my way around it. I believe in eternal reoccurrence, which is also a teaching of the bible by the way (ECC 1:9) “that which was, is what shall be and that which is done is that which shall be done and there is no new thing under the sun”

(The bible seems to go around in circles too – but I’m not going into detail)

We are made of energy and anybody can tell you that energy can’t be destroyed.

I believe in the awesome power of “God”, because it is the one infinite power controlling our never-ending madness of death and rebirth, but somehow I can’t wrap my head around the over-exaggerated tale of hell, and sinners burning and being tortured endlessly in a pit of fire. It doesn’t seem to fit into anything.

Was this just a false teaching the Catholic church made up to control the masses with fear? If it does exist, could it be possible that it is located on another “place” on Earth (not a physical place – if you know what I mean)

I don’t doubt the existence of spirits and demons – I have way too many experiences behind my back to even doubt, but the typical thought of hell is just too far fetched for my liking.

Any thoughts?

Kind regards Sun!que

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What Right Does The Catholic Church Have to Decide What Merits an Exorcism?

What right does the Catholic Church have to lay grounds and regulations about what merits an exorcism and what does not?

Jesus and his disciples performed exorcisms many times and did not ask a central religious body for permission.

If a demon is possessing someone then an exorcism should be carried out straight away.

Asked by Charlotte Law